Amber / Barnsteen beads split about 10-12mm
  • Streng ca. 68cm
  • Met schroefsluting
€69,95Incl. tax €57,81Excl. tax
Amber / Barnstone beads around 6mm
  • Streng ca. 40cm
€12,95Incl. tax €10,70Excl. tax
Amber / Barnstone beads around approx. 7.7mm
  • Streng ca. 40cm
€20,95Incl. tax €17,31Excl. tax

Baltic Amber or Succinite beads

Succinite is a stone of which is also known to many as "Amber". The name "Amber", however, is factually incorrect for this stone (in Dutch). In English, it is indeed called "Amber" or "Baltic Amber" but in Dutch this is merely the name of a colour. This misunderstanding is also is seen in the stone Turquoise and the colour turquoise. In Dutch, "Turkoois" is the name of the stone and "turquoise" is the name of the colour.

Random, yet relatable fact - the substance from the intestines of the sperm whale that is used in perfumes is also called "Amber". 

How Succinite Beads came about...

The word for Succinite in Dutch is "Barnsteen" and "Bernstein" in German. These similar words come from the Lower Saxon word "börnen" which means burning. And as a matter of fact, this gemstone is indeed flammable.

Succinite derives from fossil tree resin - pine trees, to be precise. Millions of years ago, the resin that dripped from these pine trees was collected and then fossilized, sometimes even with the air bubbles and/or insects that were still in it. It was the Romans who noticed insects trapped in Amber. They then named it "succeinum" ("gum stone") when they came to the conclusion that the resin trapped these insects in a liquid state.

Succinite's Beads: The Secret Powers...

Amber is known as a powerful stone that cleanses and transforms negative energy into positive energy and thereby brings balance, stability and cheerfulness. Not only does Amber promote a flexible, open, spontaneous and carefree attitude, it also strengthens confidence in oneself. This stone reduces depression, stress, depression and anxiety.

Physically, Succinite can help with stomach, intestine, spleen, kidney, gall bladder and throat problems. It reduces joint pain, strengthens the mucous membranes, and promotes the healing of wounds. It also relieves any discomfort associated with teeth in children. Finally, Amber has a positive effect on Lyme disease (which you can conceive from a tick bite).


The hardness of Amber is 2-2.5 on the Moh's scale and its density is 1 to 1.1


Amber beads belongs to the star sign Leo