Herkimer Diamond beads up and down from approx. 10x8 to 15x9mm
  • 100% natuurlijk
  • Elke steng net anders
  • Geknoopte streng ca. 37.5
€34,95Incl. tax €28,88Excl. tax
Herkimer Diamond beads on and running from approx. 13x9 to 14x10mm
  • 100% natuurlijk
  • Elke steng net anders
  • Geknoopte streng ca. 37.5
€29,95Incl. tax €24,75Excl. tax
Herkimer Diamond beads AA quality about 6x3mm
€62,95Incl. tax €52,02Excl. tax

Herkimer Diamant may not be a real diamond. With its brilliant shine, the Herkimer Diamond rivals the real diamond!
A beautiful and special work of nature is Herkimer diamond. This phenomenal gemstone (bead), almost five hundred million years old, has a naturally diamond-like geometric shape with eighteen facets and two points. The Herkimer Diamant can be exceptionally clear and colorless, or contain rainbow inclusions, air bubbles or black carbon deposits.

The origin of the Herkimer Diamant.

The gem gets its name from Herkimer County. Located in New York, USA. This is the main site. In addition, the stone owes its name to the brilliant shine and the small angular shape of the stone. In appearance, the stone therefore looks a bit like a real diamond. The properties of the Herkimer Diamond beads are comparable to those of Rock crystal beads and only a bit more powerful.


What is the effect of the Herkimer gemstone?

This colorless quartz variant with the angular structure gives clear energy, promotes creativity and also supports the feminine energy. With its strong effect against (electromagnetic) radiation, the Herkimer Diamond neutralizes the negative effects of mobile phones, PCs and transmission towers. The stone supports spiritual growth and makes situations clear so that you can make choices.


In addition to Herkimer beads, we also have Herkimer gemstones in our shop.

And if you do not want to wear jewelry made of this special gemstone bead, but still want to benefit from the effect of the stone. Then you can go to our physical store Van Loon at the Oud Millengseweg 4 in Garderen for a Herkimer gemstone (please note that these are not always in stock). You can then place this next to your computer or laptop.

Store opening hours.

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