pink Lodoliet obelisks app. 19x10-40x10mm
  • 100% natuurlijk
  • Streng ca. 40cm
€18,95Incl. tax €15,66Excl. tax
Garden Chrystal beads around 13 mm
  • Streng ca. 40cm
  • 100% natuurlijk
€39,95Incl. tax €33,02Excl. tax
Lodolite bead faceted around 10x7mm
  • 100% natuurlijk
  • Kralen variëren in maat
  • Streng ca. 38.5cm
€11,95Incl. tax €9,88Excl. tax
Red Lodolite beads nuggets about 9x7.5mm
  • 100% natuurlijk
  • Streng ca. 41cm
€7,95Incl. tax €6,57Excl. tax

Lodoliet beads

Lodoliet beads are also called Lodoliet Quartz. Lodoliet Quartz is one of the most powerful healing minerals on earth. It is said that Lodoliet Chlorite especially has a healing effect on cells and helps to balance their fluid balance.
Lodoliet Chlorite also helps to say with digestion, helping the energy available nutrients to be used as effectively as possible.
It is a purifying mineral, which cleans chemical, pesticide toxins and other contaminants from the body.