Free ticket beading thread
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Silicone pads white
  • Alternatief voor knopen
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Pearl & Gems Caring Foam
  • Ideaal om doffe edelsteenkralen parels en sieraden te laten glanzen
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Silicone pads black (alternative voor knopen) 50 pieces
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Sterling silver Freshwater pearl box lock approx. 24x19x12mm
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  • Maat incl. oogjes ca. 32x19x12mm
  • Rijggat oogje ca. 1.8mm
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Sterling silver Freshwater pearl box lock approx. 24x19x11mm
  • 100% Natuurlijk
  • Maat incl. oogje ca. 33x19x11mm
  • Rijggat oogje ca. 1.8mm
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Shell Pearl

Shell Pearls in all sorts of fun fashion colors? You obviously find Ilona's WebGems!
Ilona own personal travels to Asia several times a year to personally inspect the Shell Pearls. With her eye for detail and her knowledge she always offers the right price / quality ratio. Therefore we can give with confidence 100% satisfaction guarantee on our Shell Pearls.

Quality from the Shell Pearl

Shell Pearls, they are a lot cheaper than the freshwater pearls and baroque pearls, and still very beautiful! These beads are cut from very large shells of the Pacific Oyster (hence the name shells). Each pearl is by means Special costly techniques colored and has many microscopically thin layers, sometimes 28 (!) in order to ensure the beautiful pearl luster. The Shell Pearls are therefore color-and wear-resistant, low in price and need not necessarily be tied. You can find them just for us, easy online with excellent close-up photos so you can view the Shell Pearls good for you overgaatJ requisitions.
The fun of these pearls is actually the trendy fashion touches which they are painted. This makes them easy to combine with your outfit while wearing a beautiful piece of natural product!

Freshwater pearls and baroque pearls

Besides Shell Pearls, we also have freshwater pearls, baroque pearls in the collection. These are the cultured pearls, which means that man begins the beading process, but the beauty of the pearl which is then formed is then almost entirely dependent on the mussel in which it grows.
Just a tidbit; pure in nature resulting pearl is very rare and therefore also practical 'priceless' ...

If you still have questions about our beads, please feel free to contact us. We are happy to answer your questions and give practical tips & tricks