Griifin: Precisie kniptang
€29,95Incl. tax €24,75Excl. tax
Griffin Bead Crimper
€14,95Incl. tax €12,36Excl. tax
Puntschaartje small
€6,50Incl. tax €5,37Excl. tax
Griffin Button Tweezers long
  • Kwaliteitspincet handig bij het knopen. Lengte ca. 14cm
€13,95Incl. tax €11,53Excl. tax
Griffin jewelry super glue
  • 10 gram
  • Transparant
  • Droogt snel
€12,95Incl. tax €10,70Excl. tax
size beads
  • Tip!
  • Handige tool
  • Van 2 tot 24mm
€9,95Incl. tax €8,22Excl. tax
Opberg carousel with 8 bakjes
  • Stapelbaar
  • Hoogte ca. 3cm
  • Geen brievenbuspost
€1,85Incl. tax €1,53Excl. tax
Rijgnaald 0.8mm XXLong Zi23-B
  • 0.8mm
€2,50Incl. tax €2,07Excl. tax
Rijgnaald extra dun 0.5mm XXLong Zi23-A
  • 0.5mm
€3,25Incl. tax €2,69Excl. tax
eyes buiger
€1,91Incl. tax €1,58Excl. tax
Griffin shellac for calotte and inlakbal
€16,45Incl. tax €13,60Excl. tax
25 pieces broach with flexible view
  • Large rijgnaald
  • boorgaatjes tot ca. 0.50mm
€10,45Incl. tax €8,64Excl. tax
Rigid Needle with Flexible Eye Medium
  • Medium rijgnaald
  • boorgaatjes tot ca. 0.36mm
  • Klik voor staffelkorting
€10,45Incl. tax €8,64Excl. tax
25 pieces broach with flexible view
  • Small rijgnaald
  • boorgaatjes tot ca. 0.24mm
€10,95Incl. tax €9,05Excl. tax
Sulfur liver with polishing file and baking soda
  • Klik voor de gebruiksaanwijzing
  • DIY Black Plated sieraadonderdelen
  • Voor het oxideren van je sieraad
€14,65Incl. tax €12,11Excl. tax
Oxidiere dein eigenes Juwel
  • DIY Black Plated sieraadonderdelen
  • Voor het zwarten van zilver
€6,25Incl. tax €5,17Excl. tax
Polishing file
  • Fijne korrel
  • Blauwe zijde 600
  • Witte zijde 3000
€2,05Incl. tax €1,69Excl. tax
Stamp Sign 'Peace'
€5,83Incl. tax €4,82Excl. tax
Stamp Sign 'Kringel'
€5,83Incl. tax €4,82Excl. tax
Stamp Sign 'Flower'
€5,83Incl. tax €4,82Excl. tax
Stamp Sign 'Star'
€5,83Incl. tax €4,82Excl. tax
Stamp Sign 'Smiley'
€5,83Incl. tax €4,82Excl. tax
Stamp Sign '&'
€5,83Incl. tax €4,82Excl. tax
Stamp set Figures 2mm
€12,55Incl. tax €10,37Excl. tax

Jewellery Tools and miscellaneous

To create the finest jewelry you obviously need jewelry tools. Threading beads on a thread and tying a knot in the thread still succeed without jewelry tools. However, if a lock on should be the use of specific tools jewelry nevertheless extremely convenient.

types of pliers

The most common type of jewelry tools are pliers. Which you use in all shapes and sizes. Pliers point, for example, to grab something small, flat nose pliers, often used to bend metal. Rondbek tongs with which you can bend example of metal eyelets and neat zijknip tongs with which you can cut all sorts of things. For cutting of soft wire to a thickness of 0.9 mm, we have a special cutter with wire clamp. For squeezing crimp beads you can use a crimp bead pliers. How can you best use this rod can be read in the text of the crimp beads, elsewhere on this website.


However, there is jewelry tool over different clamps. Indispensable is a caliper. Thus you measure the different materials with which you work and you know what additional materials you need. For example if you are working with gemstone beads is useful to measure what size the hole so that you can choose there a thread with the right thickness. Especially when you know in advance that the thread should repeatedly through that hole. The same goes for bodkins. With these basic tools of jewelry you can make a lot of jewelry. You will find that you are buying jewelry tool in the course of time. By Ilona you can (almost) all buy what you need. Do you have questions about jewelry making and jewelry what tool you need? Send us an email with your specific question and we will help you further.