Making jewelry

Are you like me overcome by making it pleasant virus Jewelry. Then you've come to the right place. Because for making your own jewelry we have everything. You'll have a variety of gemstone beads, freshwater pearls , Bloedkoraal Aquamarine, Amethyst beads etc. etc. Too many to mention. We also offer a very wide range of jewelery parts and other supplies. Again many types of materials such as 14k gold, sterling silver 925, Gold Filled, Gold plated, Vermeil but Hill tribe silver, bronze or tin is in stock. Overall for jewelry making you at Ilona's Silver & Gemstones to the right place.

Make your own jewelry: Examples

Do you find inspiration in the jewelry section. You can find examples of self to make jewelry. If you click through to the article you can see what materials we have used. Occasionally we also have a make your own jewelry package z, n whole. Of course at at a very advantageous price. As you're used to.

Selling homemade jewelry

Many of our customers who make jewelry to sell them too. It often started with a friend, then the neighbor also wanted such a nice necklace and soon started to itch to get out of this nice hobby "more". There are of course many ways to offer your jewelry.

If you like it when you can can your creation show us on the site. We have our special inspiration for this section. Prices we mention, but a reference to any you can always include your website or an email address. How does it work? Send us a nice picture of your creation at a low resolution. Write a text including your email address, etc. (if you want to specify one) so we can copy and paste them easily. We then place your creation after internal approval.
Many women who make jewelry led the sales and fun. Because a piece of jewelry is not only super nice also selling your homemade jewelry display huge sound. A better compliment to your taste, there is not according to me.
-xxx- Ilona