Sterling silver bail / slice pendant for cabochon approx 15x7mm
  • Maat lipje ca. 7x7mm
  • Black plated
€3,10Incl. tax €2,56Excl. tax
Sterling silver bail with 6 eyelets
  • Ca. 23x6mm
€2,25Incl. tax €1,86Excl. tax
1 Sterling Silver bail / pendant clasp
  • Ca. 14x8mm
€1,50Incl. tax €1,24Excl. tax
Hang Roog / Bail sterling silver approx 10x3mm
  • Ca. 10x3mm
€7,25Incl. tax €5,99Excl. tax
Sterling silver Bail / pendant clasp
  • Ca. 15x5.5x3mm
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€1,51Incl. tax €1,25Excl. tax
Sterling silver Greifschraube / pendant clasp approx 14.5x6x3mm (Zi20-16)
  • Ca. 14.5x6x3mm
€2,72Incl. tax €2,25Excl. tax
1 Sterling Silver Greifschraube app. 14x10.5x5.5mm
  • Ca. 14x10.5x5.5mm
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€4,54Incl. tax €3,75Excl. tax
Hang Roog / Bail sterling silver
  • ca. 14.5x8mm
  • Opening oogje ca. 1.1mm
€10,85Incl. tax €8,97Excl. tax
Hang Roog / Bail-plated sterling silver
  • ca. 10x7.5mm
€3,25Incl. tax €2,69Excl. tax
Hang Roog / Bail sterling silver
  • ca. 15.5x8mm
€4,75Incl. tax €3,93Excl. tax
pendanteye / Greifschraube sterling Silver geoxideerd app. 15.5x7mm
  • ca. 15.5x7mm
€5,45Incl. tax €4,50Excl. tax
Sterling silver Bail / paste pendant for cabochon approx 15x6mm
  • Maat lipje ca. 7x6mm
€4,75Incl. tax €3,93Excl. tax
Sterling Silver Greifschraube pendant app. 18.5x3mm
  • ca. 18.5x3mm
€5,69Incl. tax €4,70Excl. tax
1 Sterling Silver Greifschraube/ pendant clasp app. 12x5mm
  • ca. 12x5mm
€4,24Incl. tax €3,50Excl. tax
Sterling Silver Bails

A bail, also called hang eye, is a very useful piece of jewelry item to hang on a hanger or for example a drop. You make it with the finest jewelry. Consider some beautiful earrings with a faceted drop. The bail makes it a neat whole.
The most common alloy of silver is called sterling silver.

From 92.5% pure silver, there is a silver content. The remaining 7.5% is made up of other metal (usually copper). Pure silver is quite soft and therefore would adornment parts including the bails / pendant eyes are very vulnerable. Hence, there is a different metal is added to it.
The mark 925 indicates that you have to deal with sterling silver.