Vermeil jewelry parts

Vermeil jewelry and parts are made from a sterling silver core (.925) and multiple 22 carat gold layers on top. This makes it look like solid gold, but saves you a lot of money. Jewelry or parts can only be named Vermeil if the core is made from .925 sterling silver. No other material is to be used and the goldlayer has to have a minimum 2,5 micron thickness. As in gold jewelry, Vermeil jewelry is available in different gold colors like yellow, rose or red.

Keep in mind that the Vermeil goldcolors will fade a bit quicker than goldfilled parts, as the goldlayer is less thick. But because the core is made from sterling silver the quality of Vermeil jewelry is very high. Vermeil jewelry parts are very suitable if you want to make gold jewelry but don’t want to spend a fortune on it. The Gold toplayer makes the Vermeil jewelry suitable for people who can only wear gold on their skin.