3 piece sterling silver chain
  • Ca. 36x46x56mm
  • Black plated
€6,51Incl. tax €5,38Excl. tax
3 parts Vermeil chain
  • Ca. 36x46x56mm
€6,83Incl. tax €5,64Excl. tax
3 parts Rose Vermeil chain
  • Ca. 36x46x56mm
€6,83Incl. tax €5,64Excl. tax

Extend Kettinkje

An extension chain necklace is a piece of about 5 centimeters, but also other lengths. It is often used at the closing of a neck chain / necklace or for example a bracelet. On one side of the piece of jewelery is the lock and on the other side of the piece of jewelery the extension chain. The clasp to fasten the extension chain, you make your jewelry at exactly the desired size. For with the extension chain can make it slightly shorter or longer falling.

By Ilona's Silver & Gemstones you will find different types of extendable chains in Sterling Silver and Vermeil, with on each side a blind eye, or with one side a label in which a 925 keurtje is beaten so it is clear that it is sterling silver ..

An extension chain for each piece of jewelry

Lengthen chains are super easy to make your (self-made) necklace or bracelet exactly the right size. But if you want to give your homemade jewelry gift and size really does not know at all, such a chain comes in very handy. The lucky recipient of the ornament can then choose the right size.

And with a little charm to the end of the extension chain, you just a little extra spice up your necklace or bracelet. Think of an outfit with a pretty bare back. Brilliant if there is subtle yet hangs a small charm that chain.

TIP: with an extension chain magic your favorite bracelet in an instant into an anklet.

safety chains

We also have sterling Silver, Gold and Vermeil safety chains our range. Safety chains use a bracelet. You confirm it with the rings on both ends of your bracelet. So you have just enough space to put your bracelet to do. And if the clasp of your bracelet when worn open, you lose your beautiful bracelet at least not so soon.


Have fun!

-xxx- Ilona

Tip: Do not inspiration but you still want jewelry. Please have a look at Beads Mania under the heading inspiration.


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