Rhodonite beads around about 6.5mm
  • Streng ca. 39.5cm
  • 100% natuurlijk
€5,45Incl. tax €4,50Excl. tax
Rhodonite split beaded bracelet approx 7.5mm
  • Lengte Ca. 20cm
  • 100% natuurlijk
€2,36Incl. tax €1,95Excl. tax
Gemstone Rhodonite rose approximately 7x6mm
  • 100% natuurlijk
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€1,60Incl. tax €1,32Excl. tax
Rhodonite beads around 12mm
  • Streng ca. 39cm
€12,50Incl. tax €10,33Excl. tax
Chinese Rhodonite beads star cut mat ca. 8x7mm
  • Streng ca. 39cm
€10,95Incl. tax €9,05Excl. tax
Chinese Rhodonite beads star cut mat ca. 7x5mm
  • Streng ca. 38.5cm
€10,45Incl. tax €8,64Excl. tax
Rhodonite beads around 8mm
  • Streng ca. 39.5cm
€6,95Incl. tax €5,74Excl. tax


Rhodonite beads are pink to reddish black or greenish. The stone is transparent to translucent with a vitreous to pearly luster.


Rhodonite is a powerful wound healer for both emotional and physical wounds. It is also a good "first aid" stone which soothes and helps keep a cool head in shocking and extreme events, dangerous and threatening situations, panic, confusion, fear and danger. Also rhodonite work very beneficial in cases of conflict and dispute. It helps to forgive and encourage reconciliation, mutual understanding and friendship. In addition, even anger, frustration, hatred and revenge reduced. Psychological wounds are softened and the stone has a positive effect on self-destructive behavior, dependence and abuse. heals physically rhodonite (internal) wounds and reduces scarring. Furthermore, it has a beneficial effect on insect bites, heart, circulation, stomach ulcers, bones, hearing, m.s. and auto-immune diseases.