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Beryl beads

What makes Beryl beads unique is especially the effect of color and shine! Beryl beads are particularly beautiful gemstone beads, with the soft pastel shades and the deeply warm tones reflecting the characteristic feature of this gemstone. Beryl beads actually belong to a certain group among the gems, blue aquamarine beads and green emerald beads for example, also fall under this group, these gemstone beads are the precious category among the Beryl group. Beryl is naturally colorless, but by external influences, the impurities in nature, the stone obtains its beautiful color. An additional advantage of this gemstone bead is the hardness, it can have a lot. That also testifies the distances by, for example, water that this gemstone travels before it reaches the skilled person.

Properties of Beryl beads

Especially in the spring and summer Beryl beads are a very popular type of rock! The bead colors are so sparkling that you just become happy. Moreover, the pastel colors of Beryl beads fit perfectly with your summer outfit.

It is wonderful to make these gemstones a bracelet, necklace, ankle bracelet or even earrings. Combine the Beryl with the beautiful silver beads or bead caps that we also have in the collection and you create a beautiful and unique jewel!

Our Beryl beads are available in the most beautiful pastel shades and in different sizes, shapes and sizes. We have round shiny smooth beads, split beads, hand faceted beads and roundels. We have the right form for every design!

The name Beryl comes from the word Berullus, coming from Roman times and what sea green means. These stones are found a lot in Australia, Brazil, Germany, France, Mozambique and Norway. The country of origin determines the coloring of the stone.

Hardness is 7.5 - 8

Operation of Beryl beads

The effect of Beryl is calming; it reduces stress, for example, keeps you focused and makes you happy. The following applies to the operation on the organs; blood circulation, heart, lungs, liver, stomach and spine get a positive 'boost' from this stone.

As Zodiac Signs for this gemstone, Pisces, Cancer, Leo and Scorpion are eligible.

-xxx- Ilona