Beryl beads round app. 10mm
  • Streng ca. 40cm
€36,25Incl. tax €29,96Excl. tax
Beryl beads round app. 10mm
  • Streng ca. 40cm
€36,24Incl. tax €29,95Excl. tax


What Beryl so unique is primarily the effect of color and shine! It is a beautiful gem, with the soft pastels and the deep warm tones reflecting the characteristic feature of this gemstone. Beryl is actually one particular group among the gems, blue aquamarine and emerald green for example, are included in this group, these gemstones are the precious category under the beryl group. Naturally Beryl is colorless, but by external influences, the impurities in the natural stone gets its beautiful color. An additional advantage of this gemstone is, in particular, the hardness, it may have a great deal. This also testifies or the distances include water that makes this stone before it reaches the skilled man ☺.

Characteristics of Beryl

Especially in spring and summer Beryl is a very popular stone! The colors are so sparkling that you just glad to be ☺. Moreover, the pastel colors of Beryl perfect match for your summer wardrobe.

It's wonderful to make a bracelet, necklace, anklet or earrings of these gems. Combine the Beryl with the beautiful silver beads or beads caps that we have in the collection, and you create a beautiful and unique piece of jewelry!

Our Beryl beads can be ordered in the most beautiful pastel colors and in several large thickness and shapes. We have rounded shiny smooth beads, split beads, hand faceted beads and roundels. For each design, we have the right form at home!

Beryl's name comes from the word Berullus, coming from Roman times and what betekent.Deze aquamarine stones are found, inter alia, many in Australia, Brazil, Germany, France, Mozambique and Norway. The country of origin determines the coloring of the stone.

Hardness is 7.5 - 8

Operation of Beryl beads

The operation of Beryl is calming; for example, reduces stress, keep focused and makes you happy. For the effect on the organs money the next; circulatory system, heart, lungs, liver, stomach, spine and get a positive boost of this stone.