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What is said about the operation of this Amber necklace.

An Amber necklace baby not only because it looks cute on such a little one. An Amber necklace baby also has a positive and soothing effect on emerging teeth. An Amber necklace baby on the velvety soft skin of your baby, has a beneficial and pain-relieving effect for teething and molars. And your baby will drool less. How? The acid is absorbed through the skin. The contact with the warm skin of your child ensures that oils containing succinic acid are released. This succinic acid is said to provide an analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect.
Amber (in English Amber) is a powerful, cleansing stone that gives positive energy and therefore balances and makes it stable and cheerful. Actually amber is not a stone. It also does not feel cold and it is very light material. Amber is the fossilized resin of coniferous trees. The resin was dripped from the trees millions of years ago and then petrified, sometimes with the air bubbles and/or insects still in it!


From when can your little one wear an Amber necklace baby?

Babies as young as a month or two can start wearing an Amber Baby Necklace. When your baby starts wearing a necklace at a young age, the baby gets used to wearing a necklace, without biting it or pulling off the amber baby necklace. However, it is always wise to only put the necklace on your little one when you are around: babies and small children should only wear the amber necklace baby under supervision and never while sleeping.
In the Baltic States and also, for example, in Germany and Austria, wearing an amber baby necklace by babies who are getting their first teeth and molars is the most natural thing in the world. In Germany, the Amber Necklaces are even on the shelves next to baby food and diapers.

An Amber necklace baby not only beautiful for your child but also for the parents


An Amber baby necklace is not only a beautiful and beneficial piece of jewelry for your little toddler, it is of course also great fun if you as mom or dad wear the same necklace or bracelet. Opportunities too many. At Ilona's Webgems you will find many different amber beads.