Agate beads rough Electro plated approx. 15-24mm
  • Streng ca. 42cm
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Fluorite beads about 8mm
  • Streng ca. 40cm
€14,85Incl. tax €12,27Excl. tax
Fluorite beads split approximately 7mm
  • Streng ca. 85cm
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Fluorite Cabochon 10mm
  • 100% natuurlijk
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Fluorite cabochon 20mm
  • 100% natuurlijk
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Fluorite cabochon 14mm
  • 100% natuurlijk
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The names Fluorite or fluorspar are derived from the Latin word fluere, which means ‘flow’. The name for the element fluor is also derived from this word.

In its pure form fluorite has no color, but depending on the trace elements it contains it can have various different colors. The ancient Greeks and Romans were very fond of Fluorite.

They made bowls in various different colors with it. Fluorite was so popular that it was being copied just to be able to supply the demand. Especially the blue Fluorite, which was found in England, was incredibly popular. Even in China Fluorite has been used for many centuries to make figurines and tools. The reason they used Fluorite is because it is a very soft stone, and therefore very easy to cut and carve. The Chinese thought that the green Fluorite, just like all other green stones, was a powerful talisman and amulet. The mineral would protect against witchcraft and devilry.

From the middle of the 18th century fluorite was being used as fluorspar in the processing of metal and glass and manufacturing of various colors of enamel.

What does Fluorite do?

Fluorite is a protecting and stabilizing stone; it helps growing more self-confidence and helps bringing structure in our lives. The stone gives insight in restrictive thought-patterns and repressed feelings and works as an emotional stabilizer. Because the stone helps you concentrate, it is a good choice to wear it when you’re studying. Besides that it protects against and cleanses you of electromagnetic radiation (which comes from, for example; computers and mobile phones). The stone has a positive effect on rigour, joint aches (such as artritis) and rheumatism. It has a positive effect on bones and teeth and relieves pains in shingles and other neuralgia. Furthermore it also has a positive effect on the skin (for example on pimples and lines) and mucosa, especially those in the airways.

The hardness of Fluorite is 4, the density 3.2
Fluorite belongs to the constellation Aquarius and Pisces.