Fluorite cabochon 12mm
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Fluorite cabochon 14mm
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Fluorite beads around 8mm A quality
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Kralen 14
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Fluorite beads

The names of Fluorite beads or fluorspar are derived from the Latin fluere, which means flowing, flowing. Also the name of the element fluor is derived from it.
In pure form Fluorite is colorless, but depending on the trace elements it contains, it can have different colors. The Ancient Greeks and Romans loved Fluorite. They made bowls and bowls in all kinds of colors. Fluorite was so popular that it was even counterfeited to meet the demand! Especially the blue Fluorite, which was found in England, among other things, was incredibly popular.

In China, Fluorite has also been a popular gemstone for centuries to make figurines and utensils. That is because it is a soft rock and therefore easy to cut and process. The Chinese regarded the green Fluorite beads - like all the other green stones by the way - as a powerful talisman and amulet. The mineral of the Fluorite beads would mainly protect against witchcraft and devilish arts.
From the middle of the eighteenth century Fluorite was used as a fluorspar in the processing of metal and glass and in the manufacture of all kinds of colors enamel.

The effect of Fluorite beads

Fluorite is a protective and stabilizing stone, which increases self-confidence and helps to bring structure to our lives. The stone provides insight into limiting behavioral and thought patterns and suppressed feelings and works emotionally stabilizing. Because the stone promotes concentration, Fluorite is a good stone to wear while studying. In addition, it protects against and cleans electromagnetic radiation (eg from computers and mobile phones). The Fluorite beads have a positive effect on stiffness, joint problems (such as arthritis) and rheumatism. They are good for the bones and teeth and it relieves the pain of shingles and other nerve pains. Furthermore, fluorite beads have a beneficial effect on the skin (for example on pimples and wrinkles) and mucous membranes, especially of the respiratory tract.

The hardness of Fluorite is 4, the density is 3.2

Fluorite beads belong to the constellation Aquarius and Pisces.

-xxx- Ilona