A clasp is literally and figuratively the tail end of a piece of jewelry, but is that really .....?
Locks can make or break design and why we have brought together our collection with care. We so we clasps in various shapes such as a bakslotje, a hook clasp, a kappitelslotje, a lobster clasp (this lock is also called carabiner), a magnetic clasp, pearl clasp, a puzzle lock and also called buoy finally the classic spring ring. Creating a chain lock to do from now on yourself.

Depending on your design is the choice of the shape, size, but also the material of the clasp. Therefore, our collection composed of various materials such as:

Clasps of gold:

There is Vermeil (Sterling Silver with at least 14 carat gold plated), Gold Filled, gilded or a real 14 karat gold clasp,

Clasps of silver:

So we also have Sterling silver 925, Hill Tribe Silver (Silver nagegenoeg which consists of 100% pure silver) or silver in our jewelery items collection. Of course it is also a category called other locks. This contains   the other locks. A s a lock eg tin. All in all, too many to mention. Part of the collection can be found exclusively at Ilona's wholesale beads. They are exclusively produced for us by smaller family. Therefore, take a look there will likely be a copy in our spacious jewelery accessories collection that fits your design.

Buying clasps: How does it work?

Suppose you see the perfect closure for jewelry. Are you sure he completes all your trendy design. Just as you had intended. Then order the jewelry closure for five hours. As you're used to. Of course we go directly to get started. With great care we take the lock also called jewelry closure. And if a little is with you tomorrow with your jewelry clasp or closure underway.

-xxx- Ilona