Beads and more....

Here at Ilona's WebGems you’ll find affordable beads with which you can make the most beautiful creations. You’ll find that these beads present themselves in various shapes and sizes - all so beautiful and of the highest quality. Our collection of beads has been divided into different categories. This way, you can easily shop our online range 24/7,  and find your favorite items on our site. Below you’ll see a number of highlighted sections.

Here you’ll find the largest selection of gemstone beads in the Netherlands.

Ilona's WebGems import all of these gemtstones personally. We therefore take regular trips to the different gemstone mines in the facinating countries of, for example, Asia.

Finding a pearl in an oyster or a mussel is very rare. With us you do not have to search. We posess a wide range of freshwater pearls and shell pearls that have been found especially for you.
In the section “Ilona's exclusive beads”, you will find the best and most unique gemstine beads that exist in our extensive product range. We offer more than a hundred species of well-known beads, but also many highly exclusive stones of the very best quality.
Our mini gemstone beads range from  faceted, smooth, round, and Tibetan styles  and vary from 2 to 3 millimeters. Here, you can find them in every colour of the rainbow. Make a fashionable ornament with multiple strands of mini beads, or combine these little gemstone beads with a large, striking bead or pendant. Use your imagination!

Our Tibetan beads:

are directly bought from the makers themselves. These extremely stunning beads are handmade by skilled professionals. This means that each bead is unique!
Still haven’t  found the perfect bead in our shop? We post new items on the site every single day - so you could very well find what you’re looking for! Always feel free to let us know what you’re looking for.. Chances are that we’ll find that very item for you during our next trip to Asia.