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Celestite beads

The mineral of the Celestite beads is named after the Latin word caelestinus, meaning 'heavenly'. That this name is given can be explained logically by the color of this stone, it mainly occurs in a soft blue to gray slightly cloudy color. The stone of the Celestite beads is transparent to translucent with a glassy sheen.

White (colorless), yellow and orange variants of this gemstone are also found for the later Celestite beads. The most common color is blue / gray. This is also reflected in the supply of Celestite beads. The Celestite of Celestite beads is formed in clusters or geodes as crystals, or in compact solid forms.

Properties of Celestite beads

Celestite beads are very suitable for making jewelry or for processing into a piece of jewelry. Because of the clouded structure in the gem you get a beautiful effect. Whether you want to make a necklace, bracelet or earrings, the Celestite bead has the right 'look' for this.

It is an important mineral for the extraction of strontium (an element commonly found on earth and strontium compounds are mainly used in glass for color television).

Celestite, also known as Coelestien or Celestien, comes from the Sakoany mines in Madagascar, where the most beautiful clear blue crystals are also found. Other locations include the United States, Morocco, Tunisia, Russia and even in our own Netherlands, near the quarries around Winterswijk.

Operation of Celestite beads

Celestite is a powerful stone that promotes spiritual development and clairvoyance. It attracts prosperity and happiness and helps to rely on your own intuition. This gemstone bead promotes your creativity and is particularly suitable for people who have to speak in public and / or other forms of communication. Put the stone next to your bed; it is said that you can then better remember your dreams and trips outside the body.

Celestite is also called 'angel stone' because this gemstone would promote contact with angels and guides during meditation or dreaming. In addition, this gemstone works calming, muscle relaxing and analgesic and helps to reduce ailments of eyes, ears, throat and restless legs syndrome.

The hardness is 3 - 3.5 and the density is 4

Celestite belongs to the constellation Gemini.


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