20 pieces Prehniet bead square app. 4x4mm
  • ca. 4x4mm
€2,86Incl. tax €2,36Excl. tax
Prehnite beads rough approx. 15-25mm
  • 100% natuurlijk
  • Geknoopte streng ca. 40cm
€14,65Incl. tax €12,11Excl. tax
Prehnite beads facet around approx. 3.mm AA quality
  • Streng ca. 32cm
  • 100% natuurlijk
  • Klik voor de staffelkorting
€10,45Incl. tax €8,64Excl. tax
1 cm. Prehnite beads facet around approx 3.5mm AA quality
  • 100% natuurlijk
  • Binnenmaat 0.7mm
€0,63Incl. tax €0,52Excl. tax

Prehnite beads

Prehnite beads are colorless to white, gray, greenish to green pear. The stone is transparent to translucent with a vitreous to pearly luster

The operation of Prehnite

Prehnite beads encourage personal and spiritual growth. It provides insight into yourself and helps reduce avoidance behavior and self-defense mechanisms by removing psychological baggage and repressed experiences and emotions to come to the surface. Therefore, the stone promotes love, peace, peace and healing in yourself and in your environment and can be worn by people who give healings. Stone also improves sensory and analytical skills. Prehnite has a strong connection with nature. Spirituality protects it helps visualize the aura, and make contact with guides and angels and so is a good stone for use in meditation. Physically prehnite can help support with weight loss because it stimulates fat metabolism and helps drain toxins. It has a positive effect on the kidneys, bladder, thymus, shoulders, chest, lungs, gout, blood, connective tissue tumors, nightmares, phobias, anxiety and hyperactive children.