Angelite beads around 8mm
  • 100% natuurlijk
  • Streng ca. 38.5cm
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1 gemstone rose Angelite app. 11x9mm
  • 100% natuurlijk
  • Handgeslepen
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Angelite beads - Angelstone

The best quality Angelite beads or Angelic beads in the shop have a beautiful light blue color. As a result they do not show any brown spots but are beautifully uniform in color. The stones are opaque (also called opaque) and have a glass shine. Precisely because of this soft blue color and the effect, the Angelite beads are also called Engelensteen or Angelstone. The velvet soft color and look fits in perfectly with the color trend of this time and you see a lot in jewelery, such as bracelets, necklaces and of course earrings.

Angelite beads can be combined perfectly with other types of gemstone beads such as rose quartz beads and / or freshwater pearls. Amgelstone is named after angel or angel because of its effect and soft blue color.

Angelite beads what are they related to?

It is direct family of the Celestine. Angelite is actually a form of compressed (compressed) Celestine for millions of years. The stones look very similar in terms of characteristics and appearance, although Selestien is much glassier in color and can be much lighter or even white in color.

Angelite beads symbolize it

These beads harmonize the thought world. They have a calming effect with strong emotions and psychological stress. The crystal helps you better put your feelings into words. You can accept and release matters that you have no control over. The stone can give you peace in difficult times.

Physically, the Angelite beads work positively on your entire water balance (kidneys, bladder, fluid accumulations) and inflammation of the throat, lungs or thyroid glands.

Angelstone where can you find it?

It is said that the most beautiful species come from Peru and Mexico. But it can also be found much closer to home, in Germany.

Star sign: Aquarius

Extra fact

These beads prefer not to come into contact with water or clean with water. They can not handle this, so be careful, for example, washing your hands if you have a bracelet, because that would be a shame.

The hardness of Angelite "Angel Stone" is 6.5-7, the density 2.58-2.64.

Angelite beads in the house tomorrow? That can be ordered for five hours and we will ship the same day. Of course, the Angelite beads are packed with care.