Inspiratie 12mm Lavasteen armband met DZI kraal
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DZI beads

Few beads are surrounded by as much myth and mystery as the DZI beads (also GZI, zi, ghzi and TZI). The etched agates are found in Tibet, Bhutan, Ladakh and Nepal. We suspect that the DZI beads are approximately two thousand years old.

Legends about the DZI beads

There are many legends about the DZI beads. They were not made by man but created by the gods. They bring good luck and ward off evil. They protect the wearer from injury.

The word DZIi (pronounced jew) means beauty, bright look, dignity and perfection.

Especially the Tibetans really believe that DZI beads of the gods come and consider the DZI beads because of the recognizable drawing of the stone as Tianyunzhun, 'the divine eye.

Since time immemorial, the DZI bead by its protective properties are also considered as a sacred talisman. DZI beads therefore play an important role in Tibetan culture. They are still used in the production of Tibetan medicine.


Because the really old DZI bead made of natural agate are rare, it is also incredibly popular and therefore very expensive. Hence, the new modern-made DZI bead gaining popularity.


The recognizable patterns of the bead DZI

In our shop we have some wonderful types DZI beads of agate. Always with the highly recognizable patterns. You can find us DZI beads in various colors and shapes. The color and pattern of the DZI beads per strand can vary. And as you're used to, DZI beads are all of the highest quality! And not unimportant. Do you order the beads for five hours online we will ensure that they be dispatched the same day.

Have fun!


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