Silver sterling jewelry parts.

Real silver is a precious metal that is often used in making high-quality jewelry. Besides being a precious metal, Sterling Silver is also very durable,  affordable and keeps its value. This is why using sterling silver  jewelry parts always adds value to your jewelry. Surely you must agree spending a lot of time and effort in your design, it deserves only the best materials!

Silver vs. Sterling Silver

The Silver that is used in manufacturing jewelry, is never 100% pure. It wouldn’t last being too soft and or couldn’t be processed during production. It is always an alloy to make it suitable for the production of jewelry, making it more durable and or bendable. Dutch Law recognizes three silver grades. The first, second and third grade. The third grade being 925 sterling silver.

The sterling silver jewelry parts you see on our site, have been handpicked by myself to be used in your creations. They can be combined beautifully with our gemstone beads. All sterling silver beads, clasps and other parts are very high quality and give your jewelry just that bit extra to distinguish your jewel.

Because of the sulfur in our air, sterling silver may discolor and become a little darker. You can easily solve this by polishing it with an impregnated cloth. If the discolorment has become very severe, we recommend using a silver polish. This way your jewelry will look as new in no time!