round beads

Round beads tailor takes your full in this section. We have round beads in this section already good for you sorted by size. Whether for a men's bracelet or a nice ladies' jewelery is available round beads here look easy to measure. From 2mm to 20mm round beads you can find them all here.

men's bracelet

Lately we see that men bracelet is booming. You've probably seen a cute trendy tough men bracelet. We saw it a long time on our purchasing trips in Asia but now the trend has also reached Europe. But is it a trend? I think in a few years men or men bracelet bracelet is not to imagine the scene. And let's face it a man may be a little bit vain and preoccupied with his appearance. And what is more fun and personal than to make tough men bracelet for your husband? In this section with round beads you can quickly find a cool bead.

Round beads for a men's bracelet

For a men's bracelet you think of the obvious tiger or this round bead now matte or glossy. Both possible. But often it is also an onyx bead, lapis lazuli bead, Obsidian, dumortierite, or bead. Even with a simple bead Lava can quickly get a cool effect. Look in the section of silver jewelry components for fun between bead and silver clasp. been triggered and enthusiastic? Maybe you remember still much nicer ideas. And you want to show your tough men bracelet on our blog? Inquire about the possibilities.

Round beads online

Do you know (Gem) or beads and jewelery parts for five hours in our beads wholesale online? Then you can be sure that we still send them the same day. That way you can if all goes well tomorrow to work to make your own bracelet men.


Have fun!


-xxx- Ilona