Sterling silver bead with Diamond approx. 10 x6.5mm
  • Indien niet vooradig op bestelling leverbaar
€129,95Incl. tax €107,40Excl. tax
Sterling silver bead with Diamond around 10mm
  • Indien niet vooradig op bestelling leverbaar
€135,00Incl. tax €111,57Excl. tax
Sterling silver bead discs with diamond approx. 6mm
  • Rijggat ca. 1.6mm
€85,00Incl. tax €70,25Excl. tax
Sterling silver bead with diamond approx. 10x5mm
  • Rijggat ca. 1.6mm
€155,00Incl. tax €128,10Excl. tax
Sterling silver bead with diamond approx. 19x7mm
  • Rijggat ca. 0.7mm
€225,00Incl. tax €185,95Excl. tax
Sterling Silver bead with diamond - Copy
  • ca. 5x2mm
  • Geoxideerd zilver
€24,50Incl. tax €20,25Excl. tax
1 diamond bead facet roundel
  • ca. 2.5mm
€5,14Incl. tax €4,25Excl. tax
Sterling Silver pendant with diamond
  • ca. 9x6mm
  • Geoxideerd zilver
€45,38Incl. tax €37,50Excl. tax

diamond beads

We think Diamond beads are both a rare and precious possession. The latter could certainly be the case, the first non: Diamonds are won all over the world in huge quantities! The high price is not due to the rarity but the cartel is in control ....

Formation and polishing of diamond beads

Diamond is under high pressure is formed at a depth between 140 and 190 kilometers into the earth sheath by compression of carbon. They are brought to the surface by rapid transport by means of explosive volcanoes.

The Cullinan is the biggest uncut diamond which has so far been found on Earth: 3106 carats (that's 612.2 grams!). The Cullinan was cleaved and polished and the largest piece, the Cullinan 1 (530.20 carats) was after grinding about a century, the largest cut diamond. The largest cut diamond has, since 1988, the Golden Jubilee (545.67 carats) and is owned since 1997 by the Thai King Bhumibol received by him on the occasion of his 50th coronation anniversary.

As early as 2500 v. Chr. would use the Chinese diamond to polish gemstones. India were worn around already Diamonds time as jewelry and even the Bible mentions Diamond. In Europe, Diamonds in the 6th to 5th century BC. known.

Modern diamond grinding with a cast iron wheel, diamond powder and olive oil was invented in 1456 by Louis van Berken that Florentine (a particularly large yellow diamond, disappeared from the earth since 1918) for Charles the Bold trail. Because many wealthy citizens of Antwerp to Amsterdam after fleeing the Inquisition, marked the beginning of the diamond industry there. In the 17th century the French explorer Jean-Baptiste Tavernier great Diamonds them from India and the diamond mining described therein. Until the 18th century, diamonds were mined in India alone, were only discovered in 1714 in Brazil and later in South Africa Diamonds.

There are many legends associated with Diamonds; so are often magical or protective powers attributed to it. Diamonds were the symbol of wealth and are a part of almost all the crown jewels, treasures and museum collections. The diamond is one of the "nine gems" in Thai 'Order of the Nine Gems. (Diamond, Emerald, Ruby, Topaz, Garnet, Sapphire, Pearl, Zircon and Catseye green).

The most famous and also most dazzling diamond cut, literally and figuratively, is "brilliant". We also distinguished 'Table', 'Rose' and 'oudslijpsel.

The operation of Diamond Beads

Diamond is very pure, concentrated light energy and very powerful and intense. It strengthens your connection with divine and higher energies and thereby promotes spiritual insight and clairvoyance. The stone can also give to inward important insights and reach deep layers of yourself and your consciousness. Diamond may very well be combined with other gemstones because it enhances the effects of other stones.

The hardness of diamond is 10, density is 3.5

Diamond beads associated with the constellation Aries and Leo