18krt Vermeil collier met Shell pearl
  • Deze colliers zijn van extra goede kwaliteit en hebben een sterke goud laag
  • 18 krt goud op sterling zilver
  • Lengte collier ca. 40cm
€32,95Incl. tax €27,23Excl. tax
Freshwater pearl Necklace 925 sterling silver
  • Streng ca. 45cm
  • Parels 4x5mm
  • Bijgekleurd
€15,95Incl. tax €13,18Excl. tax
Freshwater pearl Necklace 925 sterling silver
  • Ketting ca. 45cm
  • Parels 4x5mm
  • Bijgekleurd
€15,95Incl. tax €13,18Excl. tax
Freshwater Pearl Necklace-Vermeil-Goldfilled
  • indien uitverkocht informeer naar de mogelijkheden
€159,95Incl. tax €132,19Excl. tax
Freshwater pearl Baroque-Peacock-Vermeil and Goldfilled necklace
  • indien uitverkocht informeer naar de mogelijkheden
€129,95Incl. tax €107,40Excl. tax

Freshwater pearl necklace: different styles

When you think of a freshwater pearl necklace, you might initially think of a 'standard' necklace with a strand of white or cream colored freshwater pearls . This is not surprising, because such a pearl necklace has been a real classic for years. Yet you can do more with Freshwater Pearls than you might think! In our webshop you will find a range of freshwater pearls to make the most beautiful necklaces yourself. But did you know that we also regularly make pearl creations ourselves? We receive the most beautiful items every week and it immediately tickles to show what you can make with this.

Are you looking for a freshwater pearl necklace? Then take a look at this page.

Different lengths and styles for your pearl necklace

A freshwater pearl necklace is available in different lengths and styles. Are you going for classic or do you opt for a trendy item? By using freshwater pearls of high quality in combination with special details, we make unique necklaces that match your personal style. Due to the variety of freshwater pearls, we can actually make a suitable pearl necklace for every style. Think of subtle rice pearls with a beautiful pendant as an eye-catcher or a pearl necklace consisting of several strands.

Timeless investment

A pearl necklace is more than just a piece of jewelry, it is a timeless investment that retains its value. Pearls have a timeless and classic beauty that never goes out of style. It is not for nothing that they have been a symbol of elegance and refinement for many years. A pearl necklace can be worn on any occasion, from formal events to everyday outfits, and always adds a touch of style.

Did you know that a pearl necklace is often passed down from generation to generation as an heirloom? And not surprising, because the freshwater pearl is a material that remains beautiful for years and because of the timeless appearance, a pearl necklace is very suitable as an heirloom.

How do I keep my pearl necklace beautiful?

A Freshwater pearl necklace can remain beautiful for years, provided you take good care of it. Always make sure you store your necklace neatly when you are not wearing it to prevent damage and scratches. In addition, it is important to occasionally clean your pearl necklace with a damp cloth, this is sufficient to give your pearls a fresh shine again. Do not use any chemicals, as these can actually give the freshwater pearls a dull appearance.

It is also recommended to wear your freshwater pearl necklace regularly. The natural oils in your skin provide hydration and care. This way you keep the beautiful shine of the pearl: isn't it a punishment to show off your pearl jewelery often?

Order your freshwater pearl necklace online

On this page, view the necklaces that we have specially put together from our range of Freshwater Pearls and supplies. Ordered before 5 p.m. means that your order will be shipped the same day. Are you looking for a custom pearl jewelry? Then contact us, because we love to make the piece of jewelry that you may have been looking for for a long time.