Jewelery of high quality parts

Jewelry making you just naturally do with the best and most beautiful jewelery parts. By Ilona's WebGems you can find every possible piece of jewelry items that make your homemade jewelry into true works of art.

Besides gemstone beads we have lots of sterling silver jewelery items in our shop. Items that you do not see everywhere, high quality and yet very affordable. You can also contact us for 14 carat gold jewelery fornituren and parts of several base metals, such as tin and copper. What material the jewelry elements are, they are always of excellent quality.

Find your jewelry high quality components, but will also keep an eye on your budget? Take a look at our webshop at the silver, gold filled , gold-plated and vermeil jewelery parts. Each and every piece of jewelry items with the look of 14k gold or sterling silver, but a lot nicer priced. A big advantage is that these silver, gold filled / plated and vermeil components also generally well tolerated by people who are allergic to other metals than 14K gold or sterling silver a very popular alternative so for 14 karat gold or sterling silver jewelery parts . Especially the gold filled parts are very popular. When the proper use remain the gold filled jewelry components beautiful color and go (life) long.

Can not find the items in our shop? Please contact us. Big chance that we have to meet your needs as soon as we went back to purchase travel.