Hyperstheen beads around 12mm A-quality
  • Streng ca. 39.5cm
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Hypersthene beads - gemstone bead with a magical shine

Our particularly beautiful hypersthene beads have a magical velvety silver sheen. Hypersthene is available in different colors. The hypersthene beads in our webshop are anthracite to black in color. At first glance, the hypersthene beads appear black, but if you move the beads a little, you will see the velvety sheen. This beautiful shine is often very difficult to capture in the photo, but our hypersthene beads are of course of a particularly beautiful quality.


Hypersthene beads: the symbolism

What is said about the functioning of this type of stone.

The appearance of the hypersthene(beads) says something about the powers of the hypersthene. The Hypersthene is a friendly, gentle healer. But at the same time, the hypersthene is known as an intensively purifying, grounding and protective stone that makes your positive energy a lot more powerful. The stone grounds, protects and strengthens positive energy. In addition, the hypersthene is known for its magical properties. Thus, the hypersthene increases the intuitive gifts, promotes waking dreams and allows the user to realize intentions. But above all, the hypersthene is especially beautiful to make jewelry with!

The Hypersthene is also called velvet labradorite due to its appearance. That's because they have the same special shades that make it seem as if the stones come to life from within. Quite confusing, because in terms of both composition and energy, hypersthene has no further resemblance to labradorite.

Additional facts
The name hypersthene is derived from Greek. It is a combination of the two words Hyper (above) and Stenos (strength).
The hypersthene is found in Australia, China, Germany and the United States.


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If you order the beads through our bead wholesaler online on Monday, Wednesday or Friday before 5:00 pm, you will usually have the beads and/or jewelry components at home the next day!

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