Verdiet beads around 10mm
  • Streng ca. 40cm
  • Afmeting ca. 10mm
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Verdiet beads are cut from a beautiful semi-precious stone, which is mainly found in Zimbabwe. This makes it a very rare and precious stone. Verdiet is actually a form of Fuchsite and can also contain particles of, for example, the minerals Albite, Chlorite, Corundum, Rutile and quartz. One of the eye-catching features of a Verdiet bead is the beautiful warm coloration. This (semi-precious) stone is green, sometimes with some yellow or red. Verdiet beads owe their forest green color to traces of chromium.

The effect of Verdiet beads

What is said about the functioning of this type of stone.

Many healing effects are attributed to Verdiet. For example, wearing jewelry from Verdiet beads would make you more resilient and stable. It strengthens your self-esteem. It will help you make all your dreams come true. Physically, Verdiet beads have a positive effect on your heart and have a detoxifying and blood purifying effect. Verdiet is a suitable stone if you are too involved in the fortunes of others. Verdiet beads that you wear on your skin can help you think more about yourself. In addition, Verdiet increases your generosity. In addition, Verdiet has the power to turn a failure into a success.

Combine it with the Verdiet bead

That all sounds like indomitable spirit! We think the Verdiet bead is especially beautiful in color! And you can make beautiful and unique jewelry from it. For example, the beautiful dark green Verdiet beads combine beautifully with Carnelian/Cornelian, Rutile or Yellow Tiger Eye. Also in combination with a beautiful large baroque pearl, the Verdiet beads do very well. Let your imagination run wild and design your exclusive piece of jewelry. You can find the Verdiet beads and much more in our webshop 24/7.

Have fun with this special bead type.

-xxx- Ilona