3 pieces kapittelclasp `gold` app. 20mm
  • ca. 20mm
€5,24Incl. tax €4,33Excl. tax
`Gold` spang with hooksluiting
  • Verguld koper
  • Doorsnede ca. 18cm
  • Draad dikte ca. 1.5mm
€5,02Incl. tax €4,15Excl. tax
Gold Platede musketonhook app. 40x15mm
  • ca. 40x15mm
€3,75Incl. tax €3,10Excl. tax
1 piece gold plated chips 10x10mm
  • Klik voor staffelkorting
€0,89Incl. tax €0,74Excl. tax
1 piece of gold plated `chips` approx. 8mm
  • Klik voor staffelkorting
€0,37Incl. tax €0,31Excl. tax
Chips Gold Plated 12 mm
  • ca. 12mm
€0,80Incl. tax €0,66Excl. tax
Tussenpiece Zeeuwse knop Gold Plated 2-rij
  • ca. 18x13x7mm
  • 18krt goud verguld
€11,03Incl. tax €9,12Excl. tax
magnetclasp `gold`
  • ca. 33x14mm
€2,86Incl. tax €2,36Excl. tax
app. 100 pieces goldcolor eye open 6x0.7mm
Vanaf € koper, ca. 6x0.7mmIncl. tax Vanaf Excl. tax
10 pieces Gold flated Memory wire eindbead
  • ca. 3mm
€1,27Incl. tax €1,05Excl. tax