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Are you looking for a name labels with your own logo or text? Then you've come to the right place!

Do jewel complete with a unique name tag. Allows you give your handmade jewelry a personal touch. The name labels are high quality Sterling Silver, Vermeil Vermeil or Rosé. The name labels can be processed on one side or on both sides, the choice is yours!

Your own name label can be supplied in many different shapes, sizes and thicknesses. Around (such as the examples), but also oval, rectangular or in the shape of a heart? It can convert almost all!
The labels are lasered. This allows for a very precise and tight result. Would you not think so? Then choose a rougher / coarser 'font.


Which model fits perfectly with your jewelry?

Name label design itself

You can also completely design your name labels. This not only makes perfect your jewelry. It also makes for a bit of "branding". So it may help to you as a designer and maker of your jewelry is connected to the jewelry itself easier. You give your jewelry even more face with his own label design.

So if you are looking for unique name labels and you're curious about the costs involved? Please feel free to contact us!

And you already have a logo or text and / or a model with sizes in mind? Then you can always send it right away so we look for what is possible.


-xxx- Ilona

Oh yeah do not forget to just take a look in the section labels . You'll find a variety of name tags and label pictures. So you get a bite already have an idea of what has been possible.