K2 beads around 8mm
  • Streng ca. 17cm
€34,95Incl. tax €28,88Excl. tax
K2 beads around 8mm
  • Streng ca. 17cm
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K2 beads are actually very special beads! They have beautiful blue 'drops' on the granite surface. Really beautiful and something completely different...


What do the K2 Beads consist of?

K2 beads consist of Granite with blue Azurite spots. Occasionally there are also green Malachite spots on the granite. The K2 rock is only found at the foot of the second highest mountain in the world; the K2 mountain on the border of Pakistan and China. Of course, these multi-colored beads also get their name.

The K2 stone spiritually

What is said about the functioning of this type of stone.

The K2 bead has the perfect combination of heaven and earth. The heavenly (high vibrating) Azurite combined with the grounding qualities of Granite. The stone allows you to go deep inside and, when turned in on yourself, it provides beautiful and new insights. K2 gives you more control over your own emotions and feelings. It helps you to look at situations from multiple different angles. On a spiritual level, K2 beads help you to reach the highest in yourself. By climbing and clambering you start living from your heart and soul and discover who you really are! All the more reason to make a beautiful meditation necklace from the K2 beads.

Also think about the K2 stone in a cool men's bracelet

Or you can process the K2 beads in a beautiful and unique piece of jewelry. How about a cool (men's) bracelet of K2 beads combined with Lapis Lazuli ? Do you want to give your jewelry a festive and elegant look? Then combine the K2 Bead with our crystal Swarovski Style faceted beads .


Which zodiac sign does the K2 bead belong to?

The K2 stone belongs to the zodiac sign of Aquarius.

Have fun with this very special bead type.

-xxx- Ilona