Beading thread and silver thread

The most beautiful bracelets and necklaces make with beading thread and silver thread quality. We are the exclusive distributor for Europe Cenfill basting. This is a professional stainless steel basting with coating. Our basting with coating is available in many thicknesses from 0.18 mm. The basting with coating is available in 7- 19- and 49 wire.



If you're stringing beads or buttons you need basting of good quality. The German brand Griffin meets it to the expectations of the German Thoroughness.
In addition to the coated wire, we expanded go into on this site, we also supply silk beading thread, nylon body basting and high performance basting Griffin. These products are all of excellent quality and at the high performance basting after, available in different colors. When you choose one, and if you choose the other?
These three different types basting Griffin can often be used for the same purposes. For knotting pearls is traditionally used silk. This elegant look that fits pearls. It is strong and has a low elongation which makes it nice and easy to use. This is especially true in knots. Because side of Griffin is a truly natural product feels, literally, silky soft. The price is therefore somewhat higher than that of nylon power.
Nylon body, however, has a slightly smoother surface than silk and is also more elastic than that side. Nylon Power Griffin you can stretch to about 3 to 4% and then return to its original length. This property is very useful for the nodes. Nylon power is also more resistant to breakage because it is an extra-treated nylon and therefore twice as strong as traditional nylon.
High performance basting Griffin is only available in white. It is virtually unbreakable and fully stretch freely. It is made of special high-tec fibers. Even the thinnest wire is practically not to break with the hand.

Both silk beading thread, nylon body basting basting as high performance, all of Griffin, are available in different thicknesses, with a length of 2 meters including needle wound on cards.