1 pair of Sterling silver earrings with screw closure
  • 925/1e gehalte zilver
  • Ca. 15x13mm
€22,95Incl. tax €18,97Excl. tax
1 pair of sterling silver ear clips around 15x11mm
  • 925/ 1e gehalte zilver
€19,95Incl. tax €16,49Excl. tax
1 pair of sterling silver ear clips around 15x12.5mm
  • 925 / 1e gehalte zilver
€19,95Incl. tax €16,49Excl. tax
1 pair of Vermeil ear clips around 16x12mm
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€22,95Incl. tax €18,97Excl. tax


Are you looking for beautiful stylish or trendy ear clips? You can find it especially for us. Check out the sterling silver ear clips of good quality. Our collection also includes Vermeil and Rose Vermeil ear clips. Ideal as a nice base. Pure and simple to wear every day. It creates itself the most amazing earrings. Ideal if you do not have pierced ears and still want to wear pretty earrings. For create earrings is not difficult.

Of ear clips make earrings

Are you creative and want unique earrings? Then you make them of course. Because the clip has an eye you automatically create a hanging earring. You can attach a bead on a head pin where you keep an eye on running. Tip: To perfectly nice round eye you the best quality round nose pliers use of Griffin. For good tool is half the work! Another tip: self earrings make to keep advantageous. Can you keep the best section beads each and section beads per centimeter eye.

Drops, icicles, briolettes

In the section drops, icicles and briolettes you will find much more to make nice earrings. On earrings spoken. Did you know that our Queen Maxima is a true trendsetter in the area of earrings. We got so many demand for jewelery items there to deal with similar earrings mean we have created a section Maxima earrings.

Ear clips online at wholesale beads Ilona's Silver and Gemstones:

Suppose you have your earring design ready. And you're right in your head how the earring would look like. And moreover you will again get started quickly. Order the ear clips than five hours online. We get hold of the right ear clips for you and send them the same day.



-xxx- Ilona

Ps do not forget to beads mania watching our blog. In the section of inspiration do you fix some ideas.