Tibetan Silver Repousse buckle with Coral and Turqoise
  • ca. 86x60x12mm
€63,46Incl. tax €52,45Excl. tax
Silver Tibetan Repousse bead app. 18mm
  • ca. 18mm
  • Rijggat ca 2.5mm
€9,50Incl. tax €7,85Excl. tax
Silver Tibetan Repousse bead
  • ca. 20mm
€9,50Incl. tax €7,85Excl. tax

Tibetan beads

Craft Tibetan beads of high quality. Bought from the makers themselves, come here to customize any factory or wholesaler. These beautiful beads are hand made by skilled professionals. As a result, no two beads are exactly the same. In the manufacture of Tibetan beads are often used Red Coral, Turquoise and Lapis lazuli. You can also find beautiful Afghan and Tibetan pendants in this category.

Want to make a really special piece of jewelry, use this amazing Tibetan beads.

beautiful specimens

We have the most stunningly beautiful specimens in our collection in all shapes and sizes. Just take plenty of time to make a choice between all these special and traditional Tibetan beads of a very high quality. All our beautiful Tibetan beads we buy from the makers themselves, so here is involved in any factory or wholesaler and all these beautiful beads are individually handmade by skilled professionals, making no two beads exactly the same.

Tibetan beads are mostly from Silver, Red Coral, Turquoise and / or Lapis Lazuli. In the country of origin is usually Turquoise as a basis, the Tibetans go there namely assume that Turquoise possesses healing powers and happiness and gives wealth. But very used to, even in prehistoric times, people used almost always red coral base, red coral has been coming for centuries in the Buddhist rosaries probably because this gemstone found in their writings as one of the seven treasures and would have a protective effect. Tibetans know exactly how the finest and the best Tibet Turquoise, Red Coral and Lapis Lazuli can edit. It is an ancient craft and therefore has a unique character. Tibetan beads are easily recognizable by their unique style.

Besides the Tibetan beads, we also have the typical Tibetan pendants in our collection. These beautiful, mostly rectangular, round or square pendants are inlaid with turquoise or Bloedkoraal and / or Lapis Lazuli. Occasionally our collection includes a silver Tibetan buckle, a great and very ornamental nature!

Want to create a truly special and unique jewelery? use our extraordinarily beautiful Tibetan beads to create your dream piece of jewelry.