Gold haberdashery / jewelery parts

Our online wholesale offers a wide range of jewelery items including real 14 carat gold supplies / jewelry parts . All of our 14k gold supplies can also be ordered by individuals. We are well sorted, offer competitive prices and everything comes quickly. The collection contains among others 14k gold clasps, beads, chains / chain, ear hooks and much, much more. Like not at all in spite of the wide range of what you're looking for? Ask us to rest assured. Just call us or send us an email message because there is always a fairly high probability that we the item you are looking for might offer. Our collection of gold supplies / jewelry components consists not only of gold, but also in rose gold is a nice choice. Even 14 carat white gold piece of jewelry components, we are increasingly seeing and we can probably order it for you at one of our suppliers. Whether it is a small eye, a clasp, head pin, skullcap or a large gold bead, the choice is huge. Are you interested in 18 carat gold supplies / jewelry parts? Let us know because we can provide.

Which gold supplies we can deliver?

In gold jewelery parts are of course all available. We show you like a few of the possibilities of the gold supplies that we can supply you, but there is still a lot more possible.

Think for example of 14 carat gold magnet clasps, strong closing so very safe. But gold washers from small to large, buoy locks, chains and chain many models other links in all shapes and sizes. Collier Parties ready to lock in various lengths, head pins with flat head, but also with a scoop, kettel markers, 14k gold earrings, earrings, stud earrings, ear hooks, carabiners, skullcaps, knijpkraaltjrs, crimp protectors, poussettes, pearl plates, split rings .... . It is really too much to mention here as you will not notice so hesitate to ask us for a gold fournituur that you do not immediately find yourself in our shop, we go for you to check with our suppliers.