Small basting board
  • Ca. 21.5x15.5x1.5cm
€3,95Incl. tax €3,26Excl. tax
Large lacing board
  • Ca. 32.5x23.5x1.5cm
  • Past niet door brievenbus
  • Klik voor meer info
€5,95Incl. tax €4,92Excl. tax
Beading board for bracelets
  • Klik voor meer foto's
  • Afmeting ca. 34.5x26cm
€5,95Incl. tax €4,92Excl. tax
Bench Block 51mm
€13,95Incl. tax €11,53Excl. tax
slaghamer groot
€17,95Incl. tax €14,83Excl. tax
Percussion hammer small
  • Lengte hamer ca. 27 cm
  • geschikt om zilver-en Gold Filled draad te hameren
  • Niet geschikt voor slagpinnen
€14,95Incl. tax €12,36Excl. tax
Stamp Sign 'Kringel'
€5,83Incl. tax €4,82Excl. tax
Stamp Sign 'Star'
€5,83Incl. tax €4,82Excl. tax
Stamp Sign '&'
€5,83Incl. tax €4,82Excl. tax
Stamp Sign 'Smiley'
€5,83Incl. tax €4,82Excl. tax
Stamp Sign 'Flower'
€5,83Incl. tax €4,82Excl. tax
Stamp set Figures 2.5mm
€12,55Incl. tax €10,37Excl. tax
Stamp set Figures 2mm
€12,55Incl. tax €10,37Excl. tax
Stamp set Figures 1.5mm
€12,55Incl. tax €10,37Excl. tax
Stamp set Alphabet 2.5mm
€27,25Incl. tax €22,52Excl. tax
Stamp Sign 'Peace'
€5,83Incl. tax €4,82Excl. tax
Bail making pliers / Jumpring pliers S
€18,95Incl. tax €15,66Excl. tax
Bail making pliers / Jumpring pliers M
€19,95Incl. tax €16,49Excl. tax
Bail making Pliers "L"
  • Voor het maken van Perfecte oogjes van zelfde grootte
  • 5mm en 8mm
€21,95Incl. tax €18,14Excl. tax
Bail making pliers / Jumpring pliers XL
€21,95Incl. tax €18,14Excl. tax
€11,95Incl. tax €9,88Excl. tax
Set of pliers 5 division in pouch
  • Superhandige tangenset voor elke klus
  • in etui
€49,95Incl. tax €41,28Excl. tax
Ronde punttang
€12,95Incl. tax €10,70Excl. tax
Locking pliers small
  • Sluittang small voor het sluiten van lock-in-oogjes
€13,95Incl. tax €11,53Excl. tax

Jewelery tools and miscellaneous

Of course you need jewelery tools to make the most beautiful jewellery. Stringing beads on a thread and tying a knot in that thread is still possible without jewelery tools. However, if a lock is to be used, the use of specific jewelery tools is extremely useful.

Types of pliers

The most commonly used type of jewelry tools are pliers. You use them in all shapes and sizes. Needle nose pliers, for example to grip something small, flat nose pliers, often used to bend metal. Round-nose pliers with which you can bend neat eyes from metal wire, for example, and side cutters with which you can cut all kinds of things. For cutting soft wire up to a thickness of 0.9 mm, we have special wire cutters with wire clamp. For squeezing crimp beads it is best to use crimp bead pliers. You can read how you can best use these pliers in the text with the crimp beads, elsewhere on this website.


However, there is more to jewelry tools than the various pliers. A caliper is indispensable. With this you measure the different materials you work with and you know which additional materials you need. For example, if you work with gemstone beads, it is useful to measure the size of the drill hole so that you can choose a wire with the correct thickness. Especially if you know in advance that the wire has to go through that hole several times. The same also applies to beading needles. With this base of jewelry tools, you can make a lot of jewelry. You will find yourself buying jewelry tools over time. At Ilona you can buy (almost) everything you need. Do you have questions about making jewelry and which jewelry tools you need? Send us an email with your specific question and we will help you further.