Ilona LutgerinkMy passion

As a small child I was often found in my mother’s antique shop. Along with her we strolled through attics, basements, sheds, auctions and fairs on a never ending quest - always looking for that one special item. Jewellery, gemstones and beads have always been my preference. It only became a real passion when my mother took over a bead store.

Making Jewellery

I made jewellery with these beads - only for myself, initially. I still remember the first piece that I sold. It was a colourful necklace that I made for myself. Unfortunately it didn’t suit me as well as I had wished, so I decided to sell it in the antique shop. It sold very quickly. Oh, I was so proud! Triggered by this success, I decided to make some more. I even decided to follow the jeweller training in Schoonhoven! Because what could be more satisfying than someone else wearing a piece of jewellery designed and created by yourself!


I'm still exploring. Only the attics, basements and barns have been exchanged the whole of Asia. I travel on average about twenty weeks a year. I visit many traditional family businesses and markets, where I try to find that one special item for you. I buy my collection from about 100 different suppliers as I still believe that it is important to personally have had each item in my own hands. To this day, I still find it exciting to see if the things I purchase also spark!


When I started out just for myself, I travelled around with my collection in a small brown leather briefcase through cities and countries, along the doors of jewellery stores and shops to try and sell. Since 2008, I’ve been able to live my dream through online wholesale, where I can bring my passion for beads, gems and jewellery to you.
And the small brown briefcase?
It still comes along on every shopping trip I go on!

Welcome to my site! I hope that you can share my passion.

Ilona Lutgerink