Black Edelopaal beads approx. 8x4x2.5mm
  • Kralen variëren in maat
  • Streng ca. 42cm
  • Ethiopean Opal
€66,10Incl. tax €54,63Excl. tax
Black Edelopaal bead faceted rondelle ascending and descending from approx. 3x1.5 to 4.5x2.5mm
  • AAA kwaliteit
  • Met de hand geslepen
  • Streng ca. 42cm
€136,45Incl. tax €112,77Excl. tax
Green Opal beads matt around 8mm
  • 100% natuurlijk
  • Streng ca. 38cm
€11,95Incl. tax €9,88Excl. tax
Dendrite Opal beads ascending and descending from approx. 32x9x5 to 36x9x5mm
  • 100% natuurlijk
  • A kwaliteit
  • Ca. 18 kralen
€59,95Incl. tax €49,55Excl. tax
Opal beads round facet about 3mm
  • 100% natuurlijk
  • Streng ca. 38cm
€20,95Incl. tax €17,31Excl. tax
Pink Opal beads faceted about 6x4mm
  • 100% natuurlijk
  • Streng ca. 18.5cm
€35,95Incl. tax €29,71Excl. tax

opal beads

Opal beads are protective and activating stones. It is cheerful, optimistic, spirited, spontaneous, original, creative and stimulates an interest in art and appreciation of beautiful things. The stone also has a strong connection with love, passion and (enjoy) sexuality and is faithful and loyal. Opal physically stimulates the self-healing ability of the body and cleanses. It has a positive effect on memory, Parkinson's disease, infections, fever, and adrenal glands (insulin production).

Specifically for Opal: also provides a protective shield for them, making our energy gentler and more loving. These qualities make this unique stone. They open the door for us to a mutual exchange of food and love with the world.