Create bracelets

Crystal, pearls and gemstone beads for small prizes. Very simple and inexpensive create bracelets top quality? Chic, durable and look? Look around especially as the category itself make bracelets. Here you will find everything you need to create your own bracelet. Of Charms, tube beads, pendants and connectors, end caps and spacers to allow distributors. But also a beautiful bracelet clasp you've come to the right place. Both more rows clasp as the handy magnetic clasp. The choice of jewelery items is spacious. Of precious metals such as 925 sterling silver, vermeil (gold on silver), Gold filled (thick layer of real gold to on-noble metal) that will Designed your own and homemade bracelets make true ceremonial pieces.

Making bracelets is very easy and thus more fun to make them yourself! Because really, there's nothing like a homemade and designed jewelry.

Making bracelets: elastic and basting

In the section you will find durable elastic rubber band bracelets to make yourself. Various thicknesses of 0.4 millimeter to 1 millimeter. But the discreet colorless elastic not lacking. Or is your bracelet design better advantage with colored elastic? we are also here to help you enjoy working with various colors. from yellow to green, orange red but blue or lilac. But your design a jewelry clasp and work with basting. Look also under this heading. Again, you will find all colors of the rainbow and of course durable.


Making bracelets and want to start fast?

Which can! If you know the jewelery parts to make their own bracelets ordered for five hours online. Then we get them right for you and send them the same day. 100 percent guarantee we can not but usually you have the jewelery parts for bracelets make the next day at home.



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Making bracelets and some inspiration?

Then you might be in the category of inspiration. Here are several examples.