Rose vermeil end cap 1.3mm
  • Ca. 8x2mm
  • Binnenmaat ca. 1.3mm
€0,89Incl. tax €0,74Excl. tax
Rosé vermeil end cap 1.5mm
  • Ca. 6x2mm
  • Binnenmaat ca. 1.5mm
€1,21Incl. tax €1,00Excl. tax
Rose vermeil end cap 1.7mm
  • Ca. 9x2.5mm
  • Binnenmaat ca. 1.7mm
€3,95Incl. tax €3,26Excl. tax
Rosé vermeil end cap 2mm
  • Ca. 6.5x2.5mm
  • Binnenmaat ca. 2mm
€1,21Incl. tax €1,00Excl. tax
Rosé vermeil end cap 2.8mm
  • Ca. 7x3.5mm
  • Binnenmaat ca. 2.8mm
€1,52Incl. tax €1,26Excl. tax
1 piece Rose Vermeil end cap
  • Ca. 9.5x3.5mm
  • Binnenmaat ca. 3mm
€1,31Incl. tax €1,08Excl. tax
Gold Filled end cap 1.5mm
  • Ca. 5x2mm
  • Binnenmaat 1.5mm
€0,99Incl. tax €0,82Excl. tax
14k/20 Gold filled end cap approx. 7x2mm
  • Binnenmaat 1.3mm
€2,95Incl. tax €2,44Excl. tax
14k / 20 Gold filled end cap 3mm
  • Ca. 7x4mm
  • Binnenmaat 3mm
€1,99Incl. tax €1,64Excl. tax
Rosé Vermeil end cap 4mm
€2,68Incl. tax €2,21Excl. tax
1 piece sterling silver end cap approx. 12x4mm
  • 925/1e gehalte zilver
  • Ca. 12x4mm
€6,95Incl. tax €5,74Excl. tax
1 piece sterling silver end cap approx. 7x4mm
  • 925/1e gehalte zilver
  • Ca.7x4mm
€3,95Incl. tax €3,26Excl. tax
Vermeil end cap approx. 9mm
  • Binnenmaat ca. 2mm
  • Zonder oogje ca. 5mm
€1,25Incl. tax €1,03Excl. tax
Rosé vermeil end cap approx. 9mm
  • Binnenmaat ca. 2mm
  • Zonder oogje ca. 5mm
€1,25Incl. tax €1,03Excl. tax
1 piece 14k / 20 Gold filled end cap approx 0.48mm
  • Binnenmaat ca. 0.50mm
  • Klik voor staffelkorting
€0,95Incl. tax €0,79Excl. tax


Super beautiful end caps, beads, caps and cord caps that your bracelets, necklaces and other jewelry stylish finishes. Whether a leather string (wax) rope (nylon) wire it does not matter. I do it you might not tell but the beauty of a piece of jewelry is often in the details. And that starts with the purchase of various jewelry items. Therefore, choose your endcaps with care. Because with a well-chosen endcap you work off your stylish jewelry.

End caps in various precious metals

Like that better suits your jewelry design one form of the end cap. It is the same with the choice of the material of the end caps. Thus, in one design of a chain with a particular type of beads better fit an end cap of Sterling silver. Whereas the other jewelery design you might be better to opt for a gold end cap. And with Gold Plated, Gold filled Vermeil or you are again more advantageous than with gold end caps.


End caps, beads caps, cord caps buy online

Are you so far and you've finished your jewelry design? You know what materials you will use. You have the choice of bead type. You know whether you eight, ten, or perhaps going to use a twelve-millimeter bead. You have made choices which string you will use. Also from the other jewelry items you out. And am eager you like me to start your new jewelery design. Do you endcaps and other jewelry components for it's five o'clock. Because at five o'clock we check last orders so can still join at the last minute your order of jewelery parts and beads.

Lots of fun!

-xxx- Ilona


You have no inspiration and yet you want to make your own jewelry? Take a look under the heading inspiration. You might get ideas here.