The Chain link is a classic among the chains. Imagine a ring with a smooth interior and a domed top. Resize it to a ring that has a diameter of 1.5 mm to 12 mm, and hook a lot of these rings in each other. Then you get the Chain link.


As already mentioned; jasseron the link has been used. Previously, mainly those used for switching watch chains. Before the wristwatch was developed rich people wore a pocket watch with him. That watch was worn in a pocket of a jacket. For safety was confirmed this watch to the clothes through a watch chain. For this they used the jasseron.


Nowadays also used the gourmet circuit and other types of links for watch chains. That is not so much a place of jasseron but an expansion of opportunities. Thus jasseron switch is also used for necklaces and bracelets, as well as the gourmet circuit, the Venetian link and the anchor link.

Extend Kettinkje

The jasseron is nowadays widely used as an extension chain. The jasseron, together with the anchor link, ideally suited for this position because most locks fit in the links.


By Ilona buy chains and other links as a complete necklace and bracelet in (sterling) silver , ( rose ) gold filled and (rose) vermeil. This also applies to the extension chains. Additionally, you can either jasseron as anchor (in various fantasy shapes) gourmet, balls and various Figaro chains ordered per meter. Most links are available in a 10 cm. Some links you can even buy a 1 cm. A wonderful opportunity to create your perfect necklace.

Did you know that even the jasseron switching occurs in various forms fantasy? So is played with the height of the bulge and is also against you jasseron as Figaro; one long link, interspersed with one or more shorter chain links.