If your question is not listed below, please contact us. We’ll be happy to help you.

Do you procure on request?

As I’m in Asia on a regular base to procure for our wholesale and if you’re looking for something in particular, you can always send me a request on a non-committal base. I always go for the best price performance ratio.
In our newsletter I always announce my travels far in advance. From that moment on you can send me your requests. Please send as much information as possible like amount, model, color and if you want to, a target price. A picture (Google will do fine) often will be better in explaining what you are looking for. The more information you send, the higher the chance that I’ll find it. I will search for it personally and if I succeed then I’ll let you know ASAP.


Can I reserve beads or parts?

As soon as we have new arrivals, we photograph them and publish them on our Coming Soon page. Afterwards these items are measured and priced. From that moment onwards they can be ordered in our webshop.

As long as an item doesn’t have a price or an ‘order’ button, you cannot order it. Unfortunately we cannot reserve these items for you. In our newsletter we publish when you can order certain items.

For the ‘Mazzeltjes’ page which means Lucky Finds, we want to give everyone an equal chance. This page contains items that are exclusive and limited in stock. Keep an eye on this page as it is on a first come first served base.

You can however order just one item. That way it will be reserved for you. When you place your next order, we can combine both orders and save you double shipping costs.


I didn’t receive an order confirmation, did you receive my order?

 As soon as you place an order, you should receive an order confirmation automatically. If you didn’t receive one, you possibly have made a type error in your email address or you didn’t complete step 4 in the ordering process. Just send us an email to [email protected], and we’ll check to see if your order has been received.

Tip: during the ordering process you can choose to save your data. That way you only have to check once and it saves you time for your next future order.


I place dan order worth more than € 100,- but I’m still being charged with shipping costs? Has something gone wrong?

The discount is calculated over the amount without VAT, shipping costs and other possible discounts. As long as you can see that shipping costs are charged in your shopping cart, then you haven’t reached the right amount yet. Often you only have to order an extra item costing a few Euro’s to reach the right amount. The program will automatically deduct the shipping costs.


My order has not arrived yet. When can I expect it?

In our team we pay the highest attention to packing and shipping orders. As soon as your payment has been received by us, we guarantee your order will be shipped the same day. We expect the package to arrive the following day at your address. Sometimes it happens that the Postal company will take a bit longer to deliver your package.

 If it has only been a couple of days since you paid for your order, then unfortunately we cannot do anything about it. It probably will arrive today or tomorrow. If  it’s been more than 5 weekdays since you paid for your order, please contact us via
[email protected]l and we’ll find a solution for you.


Can I return (a part of ) my order?

Of course you can. You always have a two week trail period. If you want to return one or more items, please use our return form. That way we can process everything efficiently. On the form you can choose for a store credit by means of a discount code, or a refund.

Have you received my return shipment yet?

As soon as we have processed your return, we’ll inform you. It is not necessary to contact us, unless it’s been over a week since you sent your package.