Extremely strong elastic around 0.40 mm
  • Rol 140-160 meter
€9,95Incl. tax €8,22Excl. tax
Extremely strong elastic around 0.50 mm
  • Rol 100-110 meter
€9,95Incl. tax €8,22Excl. tax
Extremely strong elastic around 0.60mm
  • Rol 70-80 meter
€9,95Incl. tax €8,22Excl. tax
Very strong elastic around 0.70mm
  • Rol 54-55 meter
€9,95Incl. tax €8,22Excl. tax
Extremely strong elastic around 0.80 mm
  • Rol 42-43 meter
€9,95Incl. tax €8,22Excl. tax
Extremely strong elastic around 1.0mm
  • Rol 26-27 meter
€9,95Incl. tax €8,22Excl. tax

Elastic Colourless

Colorless elastic is always handy to have around the house. Ideal for making bracelets and other jewelry rack. Our colorless elastic is available in rolls of 50 meters. It is mega strong and super elastic. No problem so if the jewelry often to be done and off.

In everyday life we come from many elastic. Remember the rubber band to the spring onions and is the well-known post-elastic. The latter is made of rubber and very popular with children. You can for example make it a wonderful catapult. With the word elastic different stretchable materials are meant. It is not so that all the stretchable materials are also elastic.
Elastic which will be used in clothing (like a rubber band in the sleeves) and knits. As you said you get the rubber band too at the greengrocer and at the station. In addition, you can see that elastic materials can also be used for damping of vibration.
In the beads world is also made of elastic use. So you can easily make a bracelet of beads and stringing on a rubber band. Knot at both ends and ready your bracelet. Fast, simple, suits everyone and by everyone to do their own. After all, you do not need help to operate a lock. This way you can make a wrap bracelet. Here, the size of the wrist and the size of the beads is important. The bracelet must not be too loose but also not too tight. You can also choose to weave a broad bead bracelet. For this it is important that the major portion of the beads of the same size. The beads then jump over and over in height which gives a playful effect. Can you also find yourself dealing with hair elastics. Use for example the cut ends that remain. Place the rubber band in a "8" shape and thread some pretty beads on the straps. In the middle you put the elastic on a crimp bead. Create your custom loops and squeeze the crimp bead closed with pliers. Cut the loose ends down and work it all off with a knijpkraalverberger.