Onyx beads matte round about 6mm
  • Streng ca. 39cm
  • Rijggat ca. 0
  • 8mm
€5,95Incl. tax €4,92Excl. tax
Onyx beads mat around 12mm
  • Klik voor staffelkorting
  • Streng ca. 38cm
€7,95Incl. tax €6,57Excl. tax
Onyx beads round about 16mm
  • Strang ca. 39cm
€16,95Incl. tax €14,01Excl. tax
Onyx beads faceted around 3mm
  • Streng 37cm
€6,25Incl. tax €5,17Excl. tax
Copy of Onyx kralen facet ca. 8mm AAA
  • Lengte streng ca. 39cm
  • AAA kwaliteit slijping
€14,95Incl. tax €12,36Excl. tax
Onyx beads round facet about 8mm AAA
  • Streng ca. 40cm
  • AAA kwaliteit slijping
€17,95Incl. tax €14,83Excl. tax
Onyx beads facet around 10mm
  • Geknoopte Streng ca. 46cm
€11,95Incl. tax €9,88Excl. tax
Onyx bead faceted app. 12mm
  • Geknoopte Streng ca. 46cm
€13,95Incl. tax €11,53Excl. tax
Onyx bead large faceted app. 12mm
  • Strang ca. 38cm
€10,85Incl. tax €8,97Excl. tax
Onyx beads large facet approx. 16mm
  • Streng ca. 40cm
€17,95Incl. tax €14,83Excl. tax
Onyx beads large facet about 18mm
  • Streng ca. 37cm
€22,95Incl. tax €18,97Excl. tax
Onyx bead large faceted app. 20mm
  • Streng ca. 40cm
€28,45Incl. tax €23,51Excl. tax
Onyx beads rondel around 8x3mm
  • Streng ca. 39cm
€10,95Incl. tax €9,05Excl. tax
Onyx beads roundels 8x4mm
  • Streng ca. 39.5cm
€11,95Incl. tax €9,88Excl. tax
1x Onyx kraal coin facet ca. 4mm
€0,50Incl. tax €0,41Excl. tax
Onyx kralen coins facet ca. 6xmm
€0,75Incl. tax €0,62Excl. tax
1 meter Onyx beads mix medium
  • Een super mix met meer dan 50 stuks aan de streng en meer dan 20 verschillende soorten Onyx kralen van ca. 8 tot 30mm. Tevens veel paartjes voor oorbellen.
€27,95Incl. tax €23,10Excl. tax
1 pair of Onyx drops facet ca.8.5x6mm
  • ca. 25x18x7mm
€1,50Incl. tax €1,24Excl. tax
1 pair of Onyx drops facet ca.8.5x8mm
€3,20Incl. tax €2,64Excl. tax
1 pair of Onyx drops of facet ca.12x8mm
€3,95Incl. tax €3,26Excl. tax
1 pair of Onyx drops facet ca.14x7mm
€3,50Incl. tax €2,89Excl. tax
1 pair of Onyx drops facet ca.14x9mm
€1,75Incl. tax €1,45Excl. tax
1 pair Onyx drops facet kite ca.14x10mm
€3,95Incl. tax €3,26Excl. tax
1 pair of Onyx drops facet ca.15x8mm Pyramid
€3,95Incl. tax €3,26Excl. tax

onyx beads

Because Onyx beads are not completely black by nature, they receive a color treatment. The Onyx beads are then first immersed in an acid bath. There is also a story that light agate is darkened by heating it with honey under extremely hot temperatures. By burning the sugars, the Onyx beads get a nice contrast.


Onyx beads and mysterious powers?

What is said about the functioning of this type of stone.

In the Middle Ages, all kinds of misfortune were wrongly attributed to the Onyx beads. Today, however, Onyx beads are best known in esotericism as a stone that provides strength and support in stressful situations. People with concentration problems should also carry onyx beads.

Onyx for the onyx beads is found in Argentina, Brazil, Madagascar, Mexico, Pakistan, Uruguay and the USA. Onyx family of the Agate is a mineral and occurs in multiple colors. The name Onyx refers to the layering. These are nesosilicates that are intertwined. The regular Onyx beads are black and white layered. But there are also other Onyxes. The name depends on the color. For example, there is the colorful Carnelian onyx, which consists of fire red and white layers. The Sardonyx again has reddish brown and white coats. Also notice that the names both end in Onyx. But all a quartz variant (Chalcedon).


Onyx - Chalsedoon

Onyx is a mineral and a variety of quartz, or rather, a variety of Chalcedony. Onyxes are two-tone with the colors intertwined as layers or bands. There are different types of Onyx, with the basic name Onyx usually being used to denote a mineral with white and black layers. In its natural state, Onyx has straight, white and brown color bands. It is therefore widely used for cameos and carving. The stone is then ground in such a way that the bands contrast with the ground material. Black Onyx is actually dyed black Agate or Chalcedony simply because it does not occur black in nature!

Especially in the Art-Deco period (a popular style movement between 1920 and 1939) Onyx was very popular: geometric designs with discs of black Onyx combined with Markasite were very popular. Black Onyx was especially popular for jewelry that could be worn on mourning occasions. This is because of the beautiful contrast of the deep black and the pearly white that characterizes this stone. References to Onyx appear in several places in the Old Testament. According to Rabbi Bahya ben Asher, the word 'shoham' (in Exodus 28:20) means 'Onyx'. According to him, Onyx was also the stone on the ephod (a robe made of precious material, a ephod, worn in ancient Israel by the high priest) representing the tribe of Joseph. In addition, the shoulders of the ephod were also provided with two such 'shoham' stones.


How Onyx beads work

Onyx beads can help in stressful and stressful situations. The stone Onyx beads give support, strength and perseverance and help you achieve your goals. It makes steadfast and responsible. Onyx stimulates analytical thinking, logic, concentration and helps to adopt a sober and realistic attitude. It is a good stone for people who are easily distracted or influenced. Physically, Onyx has a positive effect on hearing, the nervous system, the immune system, teeth, bones and feet.

The hardness of Onyx is 7, the density is 2.6

Onyx beads belong to the zodiac sign Capricorn

Have fun!

-xxx- Ilona