Connectors and connectors


At Ilona's Webgems we have a huge collection of all kinds of different connectors. The connectors or connectors are actually beautiful charms that you can attach on both sides. And they are available in many different materials and models. From tin to gold filled, 14k gold or sterling silver. From classic Zeeland buttons to pictures where you can store trendy text with capital letters. You can also have them engraved by us. All equally beautiful and something for everyone!

Choose your favorite and get started right away. You can use the connectors or connectors in different jewelry. Use the connectors or connectors for example to make these special earrings in no time. Or process a connector or connector with leather into a super nice wrap bracelet. You see, at Ilona's Webgems we have enough materials and ideas. And you are not so adept at designing or making jewelry. We like to think and design. We can also make your jewelry entirely for you. Ask for the possibilities.