affordable beads

For affordable beads that you will not encounter anywhere, you've come to the right place. In the shop you will find many kinds of cheap beads of both kinds of gemstone species, for example, glass beads. As low as € 1, - for a whole string in a length between about 20 centimeters to about 35 to 40 centimeters. Take a look at the various sections, there is a wide choice and something for everyone. Besides affordable, our beads are of very good quality and the choice is huge. Also in the higher price categories, the choice 'giant'. Agate beads to Ruby Beads and up to Labradorite Rose Quartz you can find it here.

Affordable beads in bulk

We regularly buy large parties (glass) beads and gemstone beads in which we so nice to offer advantageous. You pay us soon `s 20 to 50% less than elsewhere, so that helps. The assortment is constantly changing, why do occasionally have a look at these affordable beads section. Guaranteed that something nice for your mistress.

Affordable beads by smaller decrease

Outside the regular major parties beads and gems which we purchase and offer you cheap, there is also another way to make an ornament advantageous. That is through the beads to order a smaller quantity. You can contact us to order the beads in smaller quantities such as half a skein. Also you can order the beads per centimeter or even beads each. That way you do not sit there with lots of beads and you're cheaper off balance.

Affordable beads in small quantity: how can I find them?

Affordable beads per centimeter can be found in the section Class beads per centimeter. For the bead each, a category created. And half the strand you can order if you go for the product page if the product is a tab with options. Oh, yes, to make it easy to sit here also the beads per centimeter again. So look around as I'm sure you can create an exclusive piece of jewelry for a very affordable with these affordable beads options.


Have fun already.