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On our site you will find next to beautiful pearl strands everything you need to make your own beautiful pearl necklace. Think yarn suitable pearl, beautiful pearl clips and great classic pearl locks in various designs and sizes. Ilona's WebGems is known for its beautiful chosen with care and high quality when it comes to these beauties. Because of the great interest in them has reserved a separate room on site making the choice to pick the right pearl is even easier to make at ease the perfect composition for your own design.


At each bead, the central question ... how beautiful the bead and what is its quality? I get real pearls I ordered? These are questions that we understand why there great detail pictures are posted, so you can see well the color and luster of the pearls. However ... a pearl is and remains a natural product so that a 'catch' the chances are that a little color can occur. Of course we take this into account by your order as possible from the same collection of arrival and as suitable as possible for you to put together.

~ Wild Pearls Baroque Pearls

A special item in our collection are surely the Baroque Pearls ie Wild Pearls . This irregularly shaped and extravagant beautiful pearls are definitely unique. The difference between the 'normal' pearl shape. The rugged yet smooth surface offers them the opportunity to design a very special piece of jewelry. Precisely for this form is in design simplicity quite suitable, the pearl itself gives the design a special look.

bead Locks

Combine the beads with a beautiful pearl lock this would give another extra accent to your jewelry. Locks to be proud of! Under the heading jewelry items you will find a wonderful collection of bead locks of a truly brilliant quality jewelers and of course all in sterling silver. Also called first level or 925 silver. This is for jewelry by far the most widely used silver content which is used by jewelers and designers. Lower silver content is often found in larger works such as candlesticks, coffee / tea sets, etc.

The beauty

Shop Ilona's WebGems you will find a wide range and there is plenty of choice in all different sizes, shapes, colors and prizes. To make the whole good overview, the various sections divided into three variants, namely the Freshwater Pearls , Baroque -or Wild Pearls and Shell Pearl.

The beauty from nature with love as you wear your jewelery!


-xxx- Ilona


You pearl terminals tomorrow at home?

Order the bead clamps in this case for five hours

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