Inspiration: Wrapping obelisk
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Inspiration: Obelisk wrap
  • met Gold filled draad
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Inspiration / art wrap obelisk
  • Met vierkant Silver filled draad
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Inspiration: Wrapping obelisk
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Inspiration: Obelisk wrap
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Rock crystal Obelisk beads around 15-23mm
  • ca 15-23mm
  • Streng ca. 40.5cm
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Rock crystal Obelisk beads around 18-35mm
  • ca.18-35mm
  • Streng ca. 40cm
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Moonstone Obelisk beads up and down from approx. 21x11 to 44x11mm
  • 100% natuurlijk
  • Streng ca. 36cm
€43,95Incl. tax €36,32Excl. tax
Rock crystal Obelisk beads up and down from approx. 22x9 to 43x8mm
  • 100% natuurlijk
  • Streng ca. 39.5cm
€22,95Incl. tax €18,97Excl. tax

gemstone pendant

With a gemstone pendant, you can almost all directions. In principle, it is a pendant with a gem. You can interpret this very basic; only gemstone pendant. Here you can be fairly brief. In fact, all precious stones suitable as a pendant. Drill a hole, make a wire with eye and voila; a gemstone pendant.

You can also let your imagination on it; a hanger including a gemstone. In this case, the possibilities are much larger and they extend as far as beyond the gemstone species. The materials to be combined with are endless. You can choose to make a gemstone pendant by goldsmith. In consultation with your Creates a design, usually silver and / or gold, and the desired gem. This can be a simple design, but also a very detailed design supplemented with, for example, engravings. In such a gemstone pendant gemstone is often put in a traditional set.

Gemstone pendant: you can make them yourself.

The wrap method is very suitable for this. Everything you need in a gemstone, preferably with a borehole, and a metal wire that will fit through the hole. The simple way to make a gemstone pendant to 'wrap' is to bend an eye on the wire, the wire passes through the gem, a few times to wind the gemstone, cuts off and then work off the tip.

Gemstone pendant and wire meshing

Weaving wire, or wire weaving, is also a very convenient method to own a gemstone pendant. The gem therefor not even need to have a borehole. It differs in the sense of wrapping that you proceed in a neat structured way. Moreover, while you make use of different thicknesses of metal wire and even different types of metal. It takes more time and accuracy than wrapping but it's definitely a fun way to create your own!

Gemstone pendant with obelisks

Totally hip and hot are these wonderful Obelisks. Who would not want that? They are available with or without a pendant chain. Create your own unique necklace and wrap with craft wire for a Oblisk to your chain. You necklace quite make comprising obelisks? That may be because they are one strand available eg Quartz, Citrine and Apatite. Provide a small tussenkraaltje or spacertje between each bead, then is your homemade necklace beautifully around the neck.