Vermeil jewelry parts

With Vermeil jewelry and parts, a layer of at least carat gold is applied to sterling silver (.925). This gives the jewelry the same luxurious look as solid gold, but is a lot cheaper due to the low percentage of gold. A piece of jewelry may only be called Vermeil if the base consists of sterling silver (.925). And no other metal may be used, such as copper, brass, nickel, etc. Like gold jewelry, Vermeil jewelry is also available in yellow gold, rose gold - also called red gold.

The beautiful gold color of Vermeil jewelry fades much faster than with Goldfilled jewelry, because a very thin layer of gold is used. Gold filled, on the other hand, lasts a 'lifetime'.

However, because the base is made of sterling silver, the quality of Vermeil jewelry is very good. If the layer has disappeared, you will always have real silver left and the price is of course very interesting.

Vermeil jewelry parts are very suitable if you want to make beautiful gold jewelry, but also have to take into account a certain budget. Moreover, thanks to the base of real silver and the gold top layer, they are also suitable for people with a metal allergy.

Vermeil: a fun fact:

Few people know this but:

A 45th wedding anniversary is also called a Vermeil wedding anniversaries. Other words for this day are called sapphire wedding or silver gilt wedding day.

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