1 pair Baroque / Baroque pearls
  • A kwaliteit
  • 100% natuurlijk
€24,95Incl. tax €20,62Excl. tax
Freshwater pearls beads around 15mm
  • Kralen variëren in maat
€3,95Incl. tax €3,26Excl. tax
set Onyx Guru / Mala bead 3 holes
  • Ronde kraal 10mm
  • Buisje 8x6mm
€1,21Incl. tax €1,00Excl. tax
Coinpearl gold plated around 13.5x10mm
  • Parels variëren in maat
  • iedere kraal net iets anders
€1,95Incl. tax €1,61Excl. tax
Jade bead app. 35x13mm with great Inside hole
  • Boorgat ruim 2.5mm
  • ca. 35x13mm
€5,72Incl. tax €4,73Excl. tax
Lapis lazuli globe bead around 10mm
€4,95Incl. tax €4,09Excl. tax
1x Sodaliet kraal coin facet ca. 6.5mm
  • 100% natuurlijk
€0,75Incl. tax €0,62Excl. tax
Malachiet globe kraal
€9,95Incl. tax €8,22Excl. tax
Lapis lazuli globe kraal
€4,50Incl. tax €3,72Excl. tax
Pink Chalcedoon facet bead with vermeil
  • ca. 19.5x6.5mm
€15,18Incl. tax €12,55Excl. tax
6 pieces Jade bead round app.6mm
€6,29Incl. tax €5,20Excl. tax
6 pieces Amethyst bead 3-hole app. 8mm
  • ca. 8mm
€3,20Incl. tax €2,64Excl. tax
Freshwater pearl beads - Copy
€3,75Incl. tax €3,10Excl. tax
1 smoky quartz bead facet A quality
  • 100% natuurlijk
  • Kralen ca. 16x11x10mm
€4,45Incl. tax €3,68Excl. tax
Jade bead app. 32x11mm with great Inside hole
  • Boorgat ruim 2.5mm
  • ca. 32x11mm
€5,72Incl. tax €4,73Excl. tax
Gold plated Howlite coin approx. 14 mm
  • Kraaldikte ca. 5.5mm
  • Elke kraal net anders
€5,75Incl. tax €4,75Excl. tax
1 Malachiet bead disc app. 10x3mm AA quality
  • ca. 10x3mm
€3,18Incl. tax €2,63Excl. tax
6 curved Agate bead around 31x9mm
  • Kralen variëren in maat en kleur. Elk setje net anders
€11,12Incl. tax €9,19Excl. tax
1x Onyx kraal coin facet ca. 4mm
€0,50Incl. tax €0,41Excl. tax
Freshwater Purple Bead around 19x15x5mm
  • Gold plated
€5,75Incl. tax €4,75Excl. tax
10 pcs zebra jasper bead approx 12.5x6mm
  • Rijggat ca. 1.0mm
€2,89Incl. tax €2,39Excl. tax
1x Onyx bead coin facet ca. 8mm
€0,75Incl. tax €0,62Excl. tax
6 pieces Jade bead round app.6mm
  • .
€6,29Incl. tax €5,20Excl. tax
Hematite knots approx. 14x10mm
  • Dikte ca. 2.5
  • Knoopsgat ca. 1.8mm
  • Klik voor staffelkorting
€0,26Incl. tax €0,21Excl. tax


Beads buy beads shop or wholesale beads Ilona's Silver & Gemstones is fairly simple. In the section more beads and gemstone bead is divided into several categories. There is the practical section of beads A to Z. Here you will find the bead alphabetically. Whether an amethyst bead, Red coral bead, or Labradorite bead is it does not matter. You can find them all here. Only Pearls is such a big category that does not come back into the bead section from A to Z.

Another way to search is to enter the bead type in the search bar. Soon, the bead on the screen searched by you. And we have good news, because now you can:

buy beads apiece

From now you can also find buying a gemstone bead individually or in small numbers. Handy if you just want to make a bit too short, for example, or if you just earrings, which you need for a few beads. You do not sit there with a hangover that you still do not do anything with it.

You see great beads on the website are only one strand available? Mail us how many beads you need, we see what we can do for you.

Create your own Maxima earrings with beads

K minerals each are also very suitable for making earrings Maxima. These earrings are named after our princess, who often wears beautiful jewelry. Maxima earrings are made of a gemstone bead in the form of a drop or pegel. This gemstone earrings can be combined with gold or silver jewelry components, swarovski style bead or for example a flower. Use your imagination to create beautiful jewelry with this gemstone bead, you can order each!

Bead buy online

Do you order bead or other jewelery items by Ilona's Silver & Gemstones for five hours. Then you can be sure that we pack immediately. The bead or other jewelery item the same day will be shipped. So you as tomorrow (if all goes well) all as quickly as possible to get started to create your own your own jewelry.


I wish you lots of fun!


-xxx- Ilona


Did you know that you will find in section jewelry parts silver bead, the bead vermeil, gold bead etc..