14k / 20 Gold filled bracelet about 66x1.5mm
  • Maat
Vanaf € UniverseelIncl. tax Vanaf Excl. tax
'Moonstone' Inspiration
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€39,50Incl. tax €32,64Excl. tax
Mix & Match crystal bracelets Swarovski style 6x5mm
  • Ca. 6x5mm
  • Kristal kralen
  • 10 stuks
€15,75Incl. tax €13,02Excl. tax
Lapis Lazuli beads bracelet app. 4/4.5mm
  • ca. 18cm
  • 100% natuurlijk
€9,40Incl. tax €7,77Excl. tax
Jasper beads bracelet around 5.4mm
  • Bescherming
  • Maagd
  • oktober
€3,75Incl. tax €3,10Excl. tax
Gold filled bracelet around 80x1.6mm
  • Maat L
€52,95Incl. tax €43,76Excl. tax
Larimar beads bracelet A quality approx. 9mm
  • 100% natuurlijk
€89,20Incl. tax €73,72Excl. tax
Onyx bead bracelet mat approx. 3.9mm
  • Bescherming
  • Maagd
  • oktober
€3,03Incl. tax €2,50Excl. tax
Vermeil bangle minimalist
  • Universele maat
  • Past altijd
€8,95Incl. tax €7,40Excl. tax
Shiva Shell bracelet approx. 15mm
  • Lengte 18cm
€7,50Incl. tax €6,20Excl. tax
DQ Bracelet with Kauri shells around 22x16mm
  • Designer Quality
  • Maat 17/ universeel
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€6,25Incl. tax €5,17Excl. tax
Smoke Quartz beads bracelet app.4.3mm
  • Lengte ca. 18cm
  • 100% natuurlijk
€6,04Incl. tax €4,99Excl. tax
Mother of pearl split beads bracelet app. 10-12mm
  • Lengte Ca. 20cm
€2,95Incl. tax €2,44Excl. tax
Larvikite beads bracelet approx. 5mm
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€3,18Incl. tax €2,63Excl. tax
Lapis lazuli bead bracelet about 6mm
  • ca. 18cm
  • Bijgekleurd
€6,04Incl. tax €4,99Excl. tax
Amber bracelet around 45x20x12mm
  • Maat 17
  • Lengte ca. 20cm
€425,00Incl. tax €351,24Excl. tax
Barnsteen armband
  • Maat 16
  • Lengte ca. 20cm
€395,00Incl. tax €326,45Excl. tax
Crystal bracelet Lott Style
  • Armbandmaat 15t/m19. Lengte 20cm
€11,50Incl. tax €9,50Excl. tax
Chrysoberyl sunstone cat's eye bead bracelet AAA quality approx. 8mm
  • Antraciet
  • 100% natuurlijk
  • Lengte ca. 18cm
€70,30Incl. tax €58,10Excl. tax
Red Aventurine split beaded bracelet approx 7mm
  • Dromen waarmaken
  • Ram
  • april
€2,23Incl. tax €1,84Excl. tax
Swarovski crystal bracelet style
  • Ca. 4.2x3mm
  • Lengte Ca. 18cm
  • Facet rondel
  • Turquoise
€1,21Incl. tax €1,00Excl. tax
Strawberry quartz bracelet app. 5.4mm
  • Genieten van het leven
  • Weegschaal
€3,18Incl. tax €2,63Excl. tax
Amber bracelet nugget around 11x7x3mm
  • Maat 16.5
  • Lengte ca. 19cm
€79,00Incl. tax €65,29Excl. tax
Crystal bracelet Lott Style
  • Armbandmaat 15t/m19. Lengte 20cm
€11,50Incl. tax €9,50Excl. tax

Beaded bracelet hot and trendy who does not wear them?

The bead bracelet is indispensable from the jewelery collection of the fashion-conscious woman. And that also applies to fashion-conscious gentlemen. The modern man now also wears the most fantastic bead bracelets. Because a sturdy or stylish men's outfit is only finished with an equally sturdy or stylish bead bracelet.

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As an encouragement we have placed many nice examples of bead bracelets in our inspiration section.
Totally fun and trendy are the minimalist beaded bracelets. You can easily combine these with all kinds of other jewelry.


Beaded bracelet more than 100 types online

And are you less creative or handy yourself? Even then you succeed at Ilona's webgems. Because with us in the webshop you will find the most beautiful bead bracelets in many different styles, colors and materials. All top quality and affordable. Simply type the word 'bracelet' in the search bar and you will get hundreds of super beautiful bead bracelets in the picture. Easy to order 24/7 and fast at home. A beautiful piece of jewelry to give as a gift or just to keep for yourself :-). And if you are comfortable, you can also order a ready-made bracelet and personalize it with your own charm or label.


A lot of fun.




-xxx- Ilona