Teardrop, Icicle and Briolette Beads

With the teardrop, icicle and briolette beads on this page, you can make the finest most beautiful jewellery. Here you’ll find faceted gemstones in the shape of teardrops, icicles and striking briolettes in different sizes and forms. Incorporate these teardrop, icicle and briolette gemstone beads into a bracelet, necklace or pair of earrings.  These beauties will undoubtedly give your jewellery that little bit extra.

Everything you need to make queen Maxima earrings

Make your own queen Maxima earrings. Earrings in the style of our queen Maxima are absolutely in fashion. They look good on every woman and finish your outfit. Wear them on special occasions or any other day, you will always look good with them.

Create your Maxima earrings with our beautiful gemstone beads or our dazzling pendants set with gemstones. Teardrops, cones and briolettes are very suitable to make earrings from.

Below you’ll find everything you need to make Queen Maxima earrings

Jewelry parts for Queen Maxima earrings.

With these jewelry parts made from sterling silver, 14 carat gold, goldplated, goldfilled and Vermeil you can make the most stunning earrings.

Beads and gemstones for Queen Maxima earrings.

Choose your favourite gemstones and create your earrings with them. For example, pick an elegant cone shaped bead, a pretty gemstone rose or create  posh earrings with our Swarovski style of beads. Recently you can buy your beads apiece. Good to know if you only need a few, like when you are creating earrings.